Friday, February 24, 2006

Australian Government: If You Believe In Sharia, Go Live Somewhere Else

Today, I keep seeing things that make me think that the Muslim Jihadis have outlasted their welcome. First, we had the Archbishop of Nigeria saying enough violence. Then, we had the Vatican declaring Islam hyprocritical. And now, we have Peter Costello, Treasurer of Australia, telling Muslims who believe in Sharia that maybe they ought to find another place to live.

And, when Muslims complained and demanded censure of Mr. Costello, Prime Minister John Howard said, absolutely not:

Prime Minister John Howard has refused Muslim calls to censure Treasurer Peter Costello over comments he made about Islamic extremists.

And Mr Costello has challenged Muslim leaders to pledge their allegiance to Australia before they criticise him over his comments about citizenship.

Muslim leaders have called for Mr Howard to censure Mr Costello over his speech last night to the Sydney Institute in which he said anyone who believed Islamic sharia law could co-exist with Australian law should move to a country where they felt more comfortable.

Islamic Friendship Association president Keysar Trad said Mr Costello had unfairly singled out Muslims and was promoting division and Islamophobia.

But Mr Howard said Mr Costello’s comments were “fundamentally accurate”. “He’s not trying to stir up hostilities with Islamic people any more than I was when I made some comments three days before the Cronulla riots,” Mr Howard told Southern Cross Broadcasting in Melbourne.

Mr Costello said Muslim leaders should be pledging themselves and their followers to Australian values before they started criticising him.

“Rather than try and censure me ... they should make a clear statement that they subscribe to all of these views - that they are loyal to Australia, they respect the rights and liberties of others, they believe in democratic government and they believe that all Australians should live unequivocally under the one law made by the Australian parliament - and endorse these values and recommend them to their followers,” Mr Costello told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

“Pledge themselves unequivocally to these values first of all, and then call on their followers to pledge themselves unequivocally to these values. This is what I would invite them to do, rather than to criticise me because all Australians should in my view subscribe to these values.”

But Mr Trad said nobody was protesting against Australia’s secular laws through any other means than the normal democratic process.

“We have not asked for sharia law to be imposed,” he told ABC Radio. “I don’t know anyone in this country who is asking for sharia law to be imposed and I don’t known anyone in this country who has rejected the rule of law. I am genuinely hopeful that the prime minister will censure the treasurer over these ridiculous comments, that the treasurer is grossly out of line. Rather than try to promote understanding and harmony in this society, his comments are highly divisive and he is stirring up Islamophobia, and these comments should really be beneath any decent politician.”

Mr Trad said the Muslim community in Australia had disowned Islamic fanatics.

In his speech, Mr Costello said where there was reason to believe people were not truthfully or honestly meeting their citizenship test, there was every right for them to be denied citizenship. He likened entering Australia to entering a mosque, with people entering a Muslim place of worship expected to take their shoes off as a mark of respect.

“If you don’t want to take your shoes off, don’t go into a mosque. If you want to come into Australia, you will be asked respect for its values,” Mr Costello told the Nine Network this morning. “If you don’t have respect for those values, don’t ask to come into Australia. This is what we ask of people. We have to preserve a way of life which makes us the greatest country in the world.”


kevin said...

We need to hear a lot more of this , especially here in the US.

kepiblanc said...

Have the riots started ?

Anonymous said...

"We need to hear a lot more of this , especially here in the US."

We need to hear a lot more of this in all non-muslim nations ... unless they want to become muslim nations!

Kiddo said...

Another nice early parry in this new awakening. As for Keyser "Soze" Trad, his claims may ring true for his own, but are absolute BS when it comes to other muslim groups in OZ, who have been calling for sharia and islamic domination since at least the early 1990s. Serge Trifkovic has quoted many such examples, as have other authors. Next question, Mr. Trad?

Cubed © said...

I really needed to hear this! Costello for President!

Oh, yeah. . . that.

Oh, well, it sure cheered me up to hear someone say it like it is!

Maybe when the riots start the Aussies will stand up to the enemy and not be arrested for it!