Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stars of the 'Americans kill you for your organs' Turkish Ben Hur

I really hate to dump my Zoolander...maybe we should just inform Jack Bauer


Epaminondas said...

Why not make a movie glorifying the KKK?

This 'just a movie' is playing to racist canards of millenial duration in order to sell tickets.

Both "stars" were certainly aware of this.

Americans officers are murdering Iraqis to remove their organs for rich jews.

Why not show the KKK saving white women from 'animal like savage blacks'? It's why they were formed as a 'christian organization'

What moron would appear in such a movie? THESE guys !
For money

Cubed © said...


You are absolutely right on spot!

Someone once said that poetry has the greatest economy of expression of any literary form - the extensive use of metaphor, analogy, etc. communicates enormous amounts of meaning with very few words.

The same has been said of every art form, from sculpture to music painting to literature - and movies.

Art communicates values with such efficiency (take a look at "The Scream," for example - no big explanation needed there! Or "The Victory of Samothrace"- none needed there, either!) that in totalitarian societies, such as the old Soviet Union and Islam today, it is strictly controlled. Some Islamic sects - mainly the Sunni - don't even allow humans to be pictured. Too much communication of ideas might seep into the minds of the folks!

This is why the cartoons are causing so much ruckus. What, in a single whack, do they communicate?

Anonymous said...

What were Billy Zane and Gary Busey thinking? I can half-way understand Zane, he's a no-talent "face" like Keanu Reeves or Richard Gere who just walks through a movie anyway. But Gary Busey!?! Didn't he win an oscar for the Buddy Holly Story? He doesn't need this crap.

unaha-closp said...

Plot Summary Rambo III

A spy working to support jihadis is captured in Afghanistan and interrogated to provide information in the war against militant Islam. The hero is tasked with rescuing said pro-jihad spy and does so using violence with able assistance by noble mujahadeen fighters.

I liked the movie.

Epaminondas said...

According to
Ghost Wars the noble muji's would have to be the Northern Alliance of Ahmad Shah Massood, who was better than most, but I don't know if I'd call them noble..however OBL was so scared of him he had him blown up on 9/8/2001 by 2 suicide bombers posing as reporters

Anonymous said...

I think this movie can be used to draw interesting comparisons with Toonifada.

Specifically, on what moral grounds could the Muslims complain if we killed the Turk director (remember Van Gogh) or burned the Turkish embassy in DC to the ground?

Kiddo said...

Last I heard (don't get riled up, I need to fact-check this one) Billy Zane was of Greek descent. If so, then I can only say that I personally hold him in the utmost contempt. I myself know so little about BEING of Greek descent that most Anglos know more from eating in Greek restaurants. Still, I have studied the history of Asia Minor and know what my relatives suffered there, not to mention what all Greeks suffered at the hands of the Turks. Therefore, IMO, it is a great insult to one's own ancestors to collaborate in any way as Zane has.

Just a sore point for me. I wouldn't participate in anything with an anti-Scottish or English slant either.

Kiddo said...

Well, according to the Internet Movie Database (www.IMDb.com) he Zane is of Greek descent. Maybe he's more like his character from Titanic than we thought. Utterly mercenary.