Thursday, April 25, 2013

Muslim gives the Queen of the Netherlands the ‘invitation’ to islam

…and this usually comes right before the jihad. This is the same Queen that worked 3 shifts trying to form a government in Holland without Geert Wilders in it. I hope at this point the good monarch has more wisdom than pride and asks for his help and tutelage.


Charles Martel said...

The good queen and her husband are firm believers in the NWO, and are ready and willing to reduce world population by a 90%. Therefore, Islam is right up their alley ... Good genocidal instrument.

Nicoenarg said...

Wow. We've come a long way us Christians. 1400 years ago, as the history of Islam goes, Muslims recited Sura Maryam to the King of Ethiopia (who was Christian) when they were begging him for asylum.

Muslims recited this to him as a sign of peace...that they believed in "Isa" as their prophet and solely wanted to live in Ethiopia in peace under the laws of the land. That they meant no harm to Christians. That if they received protection from the King, they would quietly live with Christians and respect Christians. That was when Muslims were still a weak force of some 50 people and Mohammed was still in Mecca.

Today we have these animals who go to other lands and want to force their laws and religion on Christians. And what do Christians do? Its f***in disgusting!