Monday, April 29, 2013

Qatar Insists Ancient Greek Statues Depicting Nude Men Wear Burqas

From Gulf News:

Greece has pulled two ancient statues of nude males from an Olympic exhibition in Doha after Qatari authorities insisted on veiling them. 
A Culture Ministry official says exhibition organisers wanted to avoid scandalising female visitors. 
Greek Deputy Culture Minister Costas Tzavaras, who visited the country last month for the exhibition opening, objected, saying the works should be displayed as they were or shipped home. 
So the statues were returned to Athens last week, the official said on condition of anonymity. 
The statues date to the 6th and 2nd centuries BC. They were among nearly 600 antiquities brought from Greece for the “Olympics – Past and Present” exhibition.


christian soldier said...

You have checked my web art site right!?

I have had enough of PC

Have a great week
carol-christian soldier

Always On Watch said...

The "modern" Islamic nation of Qatar. Pfffft.

Pastorius said...

Beautiful work, Carol.


Nicoenarg said...

A Culture Ministry official says exhibition organisers wanted to avoid scandalising female visitors.

That's right. They don't want their women giving blowjobs to these statues.

Always On Watch said...

I've heard from "those in the know" that Arab men have small penises.

Nicoenarg said...


LOL. Well that would explain why Qataris are so scared of a bunch of nude statues!

I wonder what would happen if some of their women "threw" themselves at these statue penises. Do they get punished for adultery? And what happens to the infidel statues? Are they required then to convert to Islam or face death?

I should call the Ministry of Culture of Qatar!

*****After searching on Google*****
I'm going to instead send them an email here:

Always On Watch said...

Small penises AND oversexed -- must be hell on earth. No wonder Arabs are always irate!

Nicoenarg said...

Sent the following email to Qatari Ministry of Culture. WARNING: Contains what some may perceive to be "strong" words.


Dear Imbeciles at the Ministry of Culture of Qatar:

I read about the nude statues from Greece and how you wanted them to be either covered or removed. Greece decided to take them back instead of covering them (those infidels! They still refuse to bow...maybe its because they're naked they don't want to give the wrong impression by bowing?). Anyway, I have some questions for you in the hopes that you would sincerely answer them.

1) Why did you want the statues covered? Do you feel the statue penises pose a threat to your society? Is it because your penises are smaller than these statue penises or is it because they may not have been circumcised (*GASP*)?

2) Why do you suppose the statue penises aren't erect? Do you think it may be because of the ugliness of your women?

3) If a really horny and slutty Muslim woman threw herself at one of these statue penises and gave it a wee blow job or shoved it up her vagina, would the woman receive 100 lashes according to Shariah? Would the statue receive capital punishment for defaming a Muslim woman or would it be required to convert to Islam and circumcise?

4) If the statue does convert to Islam, do you have proper tools to circumcise it? And how would it perform Salah? More importantly, how would it produce sperm to impregnate your horny and slutty Muslim woman with little jihadis?

5) Would the same punishments apply if the woman put her anus on the penis instead? Since in your twisted culture women "save their virginity" by having anal sex.

6) Are you aware of the meaning of words such as "horny", "slutty", "sperm", "impregnate", "blowjob", "penis", "vagina" and "anus"?

7) Are you aware the statues aren't "real" people? Or are you too infatuated by the nude statues yourself that you can't tell the difference?

8) Finally, WWMD (What Would Mohammed Do) in this situation? Do you think he would ask the statues be covered or removed or do you think he'd "hug" them from behind? The hadiths suggest he'd do the latter...what do you think?

Hope to receive a reply from one of you demented morons soon.


Proud Infidel


Lets see if they reply.

Christine said...

ROFL Nico! :)

Nicoenarg said...

LOL. I really should be studying but sending that email was way more fun than signals and systems!

Christine said...

I have a final tomorrow in Data Processing. Find that I do better to wait till late at night. After you all go to sleep. :)

Pastorius said...

Hey AOW,
You know Nico is an Arab, right?


Pastorius said...

Hopefully, if what AOW says is true, Nico has been gifted a bit more than other Arab men.

Nicoenarg said...

Pasto, I am not an Arab. I was born in Saudi Arabia. But come to think of it I do have some Arab blood along with a myriad of other races...

NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *runs out of the room with hands in the air*

Nicoenarg said...

By the way, if what AOW says is true and my Arab genes found their way into my penis...I would hope I am gifted a lot more than "a bit" than other Arab men.

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Ok, I get it now. Thanks!

Fight on!! :)

Christine said...

That's Pastorius for you.

Troublemaker all the way! :D

Nicoenarg said...

LOL yeah, and then he disappears.

Christine said...

He sure did, didn't he.

Can see him there snickering....

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I am laughing.

But really, I thought Nico was Arab.


Whatever you are, you're an Infidel.

Nicoenarg said...

LOL. Its cool. Nico doesn't even know what specific race he belongs to.

I do have distant ancestors from Arabia, and Persia...Greece and Italy. Closer ones came from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and England. I don't look Caucasian or Arab or black or anything else...I don't know what I am!

Nicoenarg said...

But yes, I am an infidel ;-) and have a penis...that much is for sure.

Christine said...

LOL Nico.

You win with entry into the three most important entries.

Number 3, a member of the mutt race. We are one big happy family. :)

Pastorius said...

I don't really know what I am either. I was adopted. ;-)

Always On Watch said...

Pasto said:

You know Nico is an Arab, right?

Uh oh!

I guess that I stepped in it. Or would have done so if indeed Nico were an Arab.

Oh, well. You know what else is rumored: "It's not the size of the ship; it's the motion of the ocean."

Seriously now....I've been told by more than one woman who was, at some point, married to an Arab. Each one of them told me the rumor that I mentioned above.