Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Good Explanation for "Event" Document On "Saudi Student"

From the Christian Science Monitor:

Beck said he had received a document he called a 212 3(B) report, named after its reference in thePatriot Act. The document said that a Saudi national with the same name as the person questioned in the hours after the bombing is an “exact match” to someone on a no-fly list and that derogatory information on him is “sufficient to request visa revocation.”
A copy of the alleged document posted online by Beck’s web site The Blaze also noted that the person in question “has One (1) prior event,” though there was no indication what, or how serious, that event was.
Wow, I mean, this does not look good, does it? Twitter has exploded with comments about how important this is, and how it presages the exposure of the conspiracy, which probably involves everyone up to the level of the Oval Office, and perhaps beyond.
But Bret Baier had this piece of paper already. On Tuesday, he talked with US officials about it, and got a different story.
First off, Baier said the wording of the paper was indeed somewhat dire.
“Anyone looking at this would say this is a bad guy, this means they had a lot of stuff on this guy,” he said.
But officials told him it was simply an automatic piece of customs paperwork triggered when police went to question the Saudi in the hours after the bombing.
To make sure he did not somehow get on an airplane before they could talk to him, they put him on a no-fly list. That automatically meant he was subject to visa revocation. The other language, including the reference to an “event,” followed from that.
“Also keep in mind, it’s just … a customs and border control document…. It’s not indicative of any investigative information,” said Baier.
After the FBI determined the man had no connection to the Boston crime, it took several days for the bureaucracy to scrub him out of its system. That is why the document existed for a short period of time, and why it shows evidence of officials trying to change it. But anyone searching the system for his name on the Sunday prior to the bombing would have found nothing, reported Baier, because no US government agency was looking for him.


Nicoenarg said...

Hmm, Christian Science Monitor AND Bret Baier are now mouthpieces of the government too? Weird.

Glenn Beck is wrong in that he said it was part of the Patriot Act. This 212(a)3(b) (or however you write that sh*t) is actually part of the Immigration and Nationality Act. You can read it here:

Go to where it says Visa Intelligibilities--then click on Section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, then click on (3) Security and related grounds and then scroll down to (B) and you'll see how serious a charge this is and how it can't possibly be generated automatically.

If you want to question somebody you don't automatically decide "hey let me designate him as a terrorist who is ineligible to enter the country while I question him and then during this time, for fun, lets ask for his visa revocation! Really stir some sh*t up!! And then when questions start flying lets look all offended and say his visa was being revoked because it was expired. Conservatives will never figure this sh*t out."

If you wanted someone to not get on a plane, you would put them on a no fly list which it appears that he already was.

I know Pasto this is not your opinion (;)) but this explanation from Baier and "Christian" Science Monitor stinks. These "journalists" couldn't even do little bits of research before copy pasting what the admin asked them to?

Now, this act is put in place to avoid terrorists from coming into the US so that's what doesn't make sense.

Anyway, Glenn Beck called in an "expert" who explains this stuff. GB already talked about Baier on one of the segments on this page I'm going to paste the link to. I just didn't know how dumb the explanation provided by Baier was.

Here's the article I'm talking about:

The first video Glenn Beck talks about Bret Baier and other stuff about this file and the second video has some "expert" who worked with such files before who explains what's going on.

Nicoenarg said...

Here's the video from Bret Baier. Made me want to throw up.

He said "its just a CBC (customs and border control) document..." and once it was generated and once you put someone on a no fly list everything related to this gets generated. Blah blah blah.

Like I said, these "journalists" didn't do research on this. The f***ed up explanation reminds me of the first couple of weeks after Benghazi.

Nicoenarg said...

Sorry to comment bomb. Bret Baier holds up the cover of the file and says "this is the only thing that we have that is being used to spread these rumors..." Glenn Back says he has the whole file and on page 2 it says the guy is "armed and dangerous".

We'll see about the page 2 thing since it hasn't been released to the public but I'm calling bullsh*t on "Christian" Science Monitor and Bret Baier.

Pastorius said...

Here's what I think. I think he is being deported because he had some knowledge of what was going on. He may have been the ringleader.

However, I also believe Bret Baeier's explanation here that they designated him for No-Fly, by referring to a vague "Event", right after the attack, so that he could be held in the country.

I think after he was in custody for questioning as a person of interest, the government was made aware that he was a VIP, and they have been obfuscating ever since.

What do you think, Nico?

Pastorius said...

Baeier could be obfuscating. I think sometimes Journalists, when they have screwed up a story, will go Patriarch on us, trying to calm the populace by becoming an advocate for the side OPPOSITE to what they originally took.

In other words, they get embarrassed because they think they may have fallen for a conspiracy theory (Baeier "looked into this") and then they go to the opposite side, declaring loudly and sanctimoniously, "There is no conspiracy. Calm down."

Nicoenarg said...


The whole explanation by Baier stinks because INA 212a3b is put on a person BEFORE they enter the US. Its a terrorist designation that says "this dude ain't allowed in".

Baier in the video seems to be reciting what he is told. There is not a hint of journalism in there and that points to what you're saying about "there is no conspiracy, calm down." He seems to just want to shut up all the questions about this.

Baier in effect is a mouthpiece of the admin.

Baier says "its just a customs document" which makes it sound like "you know, the people that stop bad vegetables from coming in...yeah not serious at all". I had to look up "obfuscation" (:D) but yes that's what they're doing.

Glenn Beck got sh*t wrong himself. He said this was from Patriot Act 212...

One little search on the internet and I found the exact link to the law where it details how this designation should be put on an individual and it actually requires that evidence be presented before this designation is put on a person.

No Fly order does not trigger this designation, this designation on the other hand can trigger no fly.

Anywho, the designation 212a3b is not vague. It is not even close to being vague. And you don't need 212a3b to put someone on a no fly list. Ted Kennedy was on a no fly list. Its very easy to put people on a no fly list. We used to have plenty of non terrorists on no fly lists sent to us by the US in my airline that I used to work for.

So yeah, I think this guy was involved...he was going to get processed accordingly before Kerry and Obama were both shafted by the Saudi foreign minister because he is from a prominent family.

Nicoenarg said...

I just realized that you maybe said exactly the same thing but the use of the word "obfuscation" might have thrown me off...LOL