Monday, April 22, 2013

It can’t stop

While on Arab forums continuously until a year or so ago (I still visit occasionally) … while perusing MEMRI , and other sites, while observing the results of the true desires of the peoples of various Muslim majority nations as expressed by vote, one cannot help but be impressed by the dedication of the member of the ascendant, dominant form of Salafi Islam and it’s impossible to ignore ultimate goals.
In 1998 a fatwa we all regarded as a semi joke by a cave dwelling loon with $, captured the attention only of those who understood.
After this mass murderer made his cause plain (it’s in the fatwa and the aims of those who follow this, and modern Salafism are not much different in goals) we briefly went though a period of vigilance and security.
But of course, in this great continuous Sunday barbecue called America, where all are really welcome (even, ipso facto, those who want to kill us) we grew tired of such a degree of tension in our institutions and fell back into institutional PC-ness (Nidal Hassan’s simultaneous glowing military reviews and his jihadi connections, anyone ?)
Yet to those willing to act as the vanguard of attack not just on our institutions  but on our persons, our desire to see in them the reasonable logic we may see in the mirror - the reflection for them is really one in which they cannot relent.
It cannot stop.
It cannot stop because those actors truly believe it is their personal responsibility to bring us to Islam, or do away with our way of life, including those who practice it ..specifically the incredible arrogance and blasphemy of people grouping together to usurp the law of god, and substitute that we make up on our own, if necessary with no reference to god at all.
Now for sure, most Salafis do NOT intend to attack us, but most certainly support the reasons for such attacks (otherwise they would not be Salafis).
Our failure is in not admitting the truth of this. For the truth would require action. 
The nations where such ideas are seminal, such as, but not limited to Pakistan, KSA, Yemen, even Russia, etc. are either unwilling or unable to do what is required.
While we may use drones where such nations cannot harm us, we will never do what needs to be done on that end.
Meanwhile, post attack here, we can hear over and over that our concern for a lynch mob against ‘others’ among us are the warnings issued by some leaders in politics (those in executive authority) and clergy to the populace, not the stern warning to the imams, WHICH IS WHERE THESE PEOPLE CAN BE IDENTIFIED AMONG ALL OF US INCLUDING THOSE PREPARED TO KILL AMERICANS WHO HAPPEN TO BE MUSLIMS … to expose and warn the people and law enforcement that there is a real problem with certain individuals.
We will find out that the FBI failed with these killers not because they are stupid or incompetent, but that PC considerations LIMITED their ability to pursue, or that resource limitations dictated terminating the investigation. Do we remember Stephen Coughlin and the Air Force?
Egypt is free to vote in any kind of society they want.
I assure you, we want the kind where jihadis are not protected by silence. I read that the older Tsarnaev brother was tossed from his mosque. That imam had the PUBLIC responsibility to have called in the FBI both as an American, and as a religious leader protecting his congregation.
Our society is not ready yet to face the truth about jihadism and those who are prepared to act or the truth about those who support the ideas and goals of those who act, if not ALL their methods, ALL the time.
One day, Obama will be gone, and more of these attacks will see to another kind of president.
I am afraid if we do not wake up soon, that when we do, our society will not be gone, but we will act specifically and without second thought precisely as we did on August 6, 1945.
And repeat until no longer necessary.


Nicoenarg said...

Epa! Glad to see you're still alive and kicking!

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Well said Epa!

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Let's see how the wrists hold up .. holding logs while restacking wood is not a reccomended activity!