Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Breaking: Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times Since 2009

UPDATE --- PASTORIUS - I don't buy this story at this point. There are, I'm guessing multiple Abdul Rahman al-Harbi's in the U.S.

It could have been another al-Harbi.

Update by Christine-

From the Blaze



With revelations that Abdul Rahman Alharbi (once considered a person of interest in the Boston bombings) was put on a terror watch list briefly, was considered “armed and dangerous” at one point, and alleged photos suggesting the First Lady may have even visited him in the hospital, could it also be that Alharbi visited the White House? That’s the argument made by at least one website, citing this screenshot of White House visitor logs as evidence:
Did Abdul Rahman Al Harbi Visit the White House?
(Photo Credit: Gateway Pundit)
So did Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi visit the White House? TheBlaze took a look at White House visitor logs, and here’s our determination.
It’s possible that Abdul Rahman Alharbi visited the White House. But it’s also just as possible that he didn’t. We honestly don’t know. The website that originally published the picture of the logs mockingly cites the idea that “it was another ‘Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi,’” but this idea isn’t actually that far-fetched. Both the first name “Abdul Rahman” and the last name “Al-Harbi” (or Alharbi) are common. Consider this partial list of people with the name “Abdul Rahman” from theBlaze’s White House visitors’ log tracker:
Did Abdul Rahman Al Harbi Visit the White House?
What about the last name Alharbi? Again, not unique to this person:
Did Abdul Rahman Al Harbi Visit the White House?
So by comparison, if someone said “John McIntyre” visited the White House, and there just happened to be a criminal named John McIntyre, would that mean it was the same person? Again, it’s possible, but not certain. “John” is an extremely common first name, and “McIntyre” isn’t much different.



Nicoenarg said...

What does NAMEMID mean?

Christine said...

Middle name.

Nicoenarg said...

Haha, I feel like an idiot for asking that question.

Being that his name is Abdulrahman Abdullah Ali E Alharbi, I would assume that only the first entry matches his name.

Christine said...

Don't feel like an idiot. English isn't your first language is it?

What helped me with this though, is my database class I am taking. I know how these columns are labeled now. LOL

Nicoenarg said...

It actually is (long story). I know its not apparent with the way I write lol.

But yeah I should have known too seeing that I am taking a database class too...hence I feel like an idiot :P

Christine said...

No, you write just fine. I made an assumption.

Now I feel like an idiot.

LOL That's right, you are taking the database class too.

Oh well, back to defending the world against Muslims. :)

Nicoenarg said...


Unknown said...


April 12 2009 was Easter Sunday !

22 November 2010 was Thanksgiving !

A special guest indeed?

Epaminondas said...

Al Harbi is on the borderline of going birther.

Everyone remain vigilant as to sources, that way WE FILTER THE CRAP OUT

Pastorius said...

I'm guessing there are many people named Abdul Rahman al-Harbi in the U.S.

Don't you think, Nico?

Christine said...

Been searching google for someone else named Abdul Rahman Al Harbi.

Many pages later, all I have found so far is one in Saudi Arabia who has a car shop and Ghanim Abdul Rahman Al Harbi, who is in gitmo.

Christine said...

He has a nice namesake too:

Few dozens of Al-Harbi clan, one of the powerful clans in Saudi Arabia, became active and influential members in Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was one of the leading figures of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and an expert in booby trapping of cars. He was one of the militants who escaped a police checkpoint in al-Khaledeyah quarters in Mecca, on 11/04/2003.

Two days later, on 11/06/2003, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was once again involved in exchange of fire with the Saudi Police in Suwaidi neighborhood of the capital Riyadh, in which nine police officers were lightly wounded.

Another three days later, on 11/09/2003, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi led the Al-Muhaya Bombings in the capital Riyadh. He together with Nimr bin Sahaj Al-Bogomy, now (06/2009) in custody, fired at the guards to pave the way for the car bomb designated to the compound. Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was engaged in a series of clashes in the Al-Muhaya Aftermath

On 04/12/2004 evening Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi commanded the Al-Fayha Shootout in Riyadh.

Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was killed, eventually, in Mecca, on 08/16/2004, in the vicinity of the Grand Mosque, when he attacked security officers who were trying to apprehend him. He was trapped by the Saudi security service following the interrogation of four militants captured in Medina in 06/2004 (see - June-2004).

Christine said...

Apparently this is not a very common name. Not able to find anyone by that name thru google here in America.

Lot's of Al-Harbi's here though.

Pastorius said...


So is that other al-Harbi the 'Saudi Students' father?

Charles Martel said...

I believe it was Nico who explained about the tribal names against the surnames in the West. According to that explanation, all Al-Harbis are related, belonging to the same tribe.

If I'm wrong Nico, please correct me.

Nicoenarg said...

Yes that's true. Last names in the Middle East indicate the tribe that you belong to. This is especially true in the GCC where Royalty and status is judged according to what tribe you belong to.

This is very different from Smiths and Goldbergs of the West. You can't just decide to name yourself alharbi or Saud.

Don't quote me on this because my memory is hazy but each individual in Saudi Arabia (and the uae) is issued with a tribe booklet that shows what tribe they belong to and who the important personalities in their tribe are.

As I explained before, tribes in Saudi Arabia are like giant families. You don't have anything equivalent to that family structure in the US except for maybe a couple with 100 children or something ( if one such couple existed).

All that is to say that being an alharbi means you're related to another alharbi. But I'm with Pasto and the blaze on this in that you don't know which alharbi visited the White House. Abdulrahman is a very common name and so is Ali. The only name that even matches our alharbi is the first one. The other names with 's' as the middle name don't match.

So if he visited the White House, it wasn't several times, it was once. But again one can't say this for sure and this might be a wild goose chase right here.

Christine said...

I'm with you regarding this not being him that visited the WH.

That is why I posted that last link to the Blaze article.

Christine said...

Also, there is another rumor running around about him possibly being Ghanim Abdul Rahman Al Harbi who was in Gitmo.

No way. For one thing, Ghanim Abdul Rahman Al Harbi was 27 when he was there.

This Al-Harbi is too young.

Nicoenarg said...

Yeah and there's other rumors floating around saying this guy is actually hamza bin laden. I think people WANT to believe something big is up. If its a conspiracy then it can't just be about a guy nobody knows! It's gotta be hamza bin laden or someone from gitmo.

All these rumors are starting to piss me off because its not going to matter how big a cover up this alharbi thing was by this administration, people are going to laugh at conservatives for even bringing up alharbi because some dude thought he was hamza bin laden or some other bigger fish from gitmo.

Christine said...

Exactly right. The truth that we do know is bad enough. Let's just leave it at that.

Unless of course something else, that can be proven, comes out.

Time for these outlandish rumors to srop.

People are not using common sense right now.

Pastorius said...

That's a good point.