Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alarming! DOD Launches Urban Assault Training In Chicago Suburb, Frightened Residents Describe “A War Zone”

Tinley 1
One of the many alarmed Tweets posted by the TinleyParkPatch.
The residents of Tinley Park, IL are freaked out.  And it’s by the scary behavior of our own government.
The Department of Defense has been conducting another urban assault military drill this week within a populated southwest Chicago community.  And just to make it especially frightening, they’re training in the middle of the night.  Residents are being woken up to the sounds of flash bangs, and explosions, with visuals of police lights, and Blackhawk helicopters circling low overhead.  
The DoD’s response to the frightened and angry residents?  Tough!



Nicoenarg said...

Don't be scared. Call 911 and tell them "if this doesn't stop, I'm going out with my rifle to protect myself and mine..."...Oh that's right, you liberals in Chicago voted to get rid of your right to a firearm that can actually protect you.

Christine said...

Love this comment on the post:

Even if Chicago were entirely nuked, the Democrats would still get 2 million votes from Chicago.


Christine said...

They don't need to do this in the middle of an inhabited zone. They have places like Fort Knox that are set up to train urban warfare.

Why are they doing this?

Pastorius said...

Are they doing it to scare people into compliance, no matter what happens?

Nicoenarg said...

Aren't the Chicagoans already compliant?

Christine said...

Yes Nico, they would follow Obama like little robots.

He's their "homey".

Charles Martel said...

Something similar happened in Miami, a few months ago, right?

The question is: why didn't the Florida Senators and Representatives demand to know, and openly informed their constituencies as to what happened?

We can be a 100% sure the ones from Illinois will not do it!

Pastorius said...

Yes, this happened in Miami and Houston: