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The Saudi Student, Abdul Rahman Ali al-Harbi, questioned and eventually set for deportation by our government, really Hamza Bin Laden?

Is he the son of Osama Bin Laden?

Is our government participating in a coverup of Saudi complicity in the Boston Marathon bombing?

Is our government trying to hide the fact that the attack was international Jihad, organized by Al Qaeda?

Saudi Student Abdul Rahman Ali al-Harbi

Hamza Bin Laden - son of Osama Bin Laden

Our friend Nico comments:
Here's a copy of Hamza bin Laden smiling to see whether they're the same person or not. 
Its plausible. They kind of have the same nose but the terrorist bin Laden looks like me when I was little too :/. 
My problem with this theory is the protection that the Kingdom provided through official channels to Al Harbi. The Sauds and the terrorist side of bin Ladens are, officially, arch enemies. Osama bin Laden tried to overthrow the Saud family and as a result lost his Saudi citizenship. 
So my question would be, if the kid is one and the same, then why was he offered high level, official Saudi protection?
On the other hand, Saudi Arabia took in Bin Laden's wives. 


Nicoenarg said...

Here's a copy of Hamza bin Laden smiling> to see whether they're the same person or not.

Its plausible. They kind of have the same nose but the terrorist bin Laden looks like me when I was little too :/.

My problem with this theory is the protection that the Kingdom provided through official channels to Al Harbi. The Sauds and the terrorist side of bin Ladens are, officially, arch enemies. Osama bin Laden tried to overthrow the Saud family and as a result lost his Saudi citizenship.

So my question would be, if the kid is one and the same, then why was he offered high level, official Saudi protection?

Nicoenarg said...

Wives, along with daughters and non adult sons, are property. They do not represent the position of bin Laden. They don't represent any position. Pakistan didn't want them. If Saudi Arabia didn't take them in, where would they go? To an infidel country?

Saudi Arabia taking in the wives and children (if they were actually young) does not mean Saudi Arabia is sympathetic to bin Laden's cause or family. It just means they were protecting the honor of Islam, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Hamza bin Laden on the other hand is as big a terrorist minded asshole as his father. He escaped from Pakistan in 2011 and has disappeared since.

So the theory that Al Habri and Hamza bin Laden are the same person contends then that he escaped in 2011 from Pakistan, Saudi government took him in, let him change his name secretly to Al Habri (with or without the consent of the very powerful Al Habri tribe?) and then supported his move to go to the US to finance terrorists or maybe carry out terrorist attacks.

Then he gets caught running away and Saudi Arabia uses all available official channels to keep his name clean and out of the press. Representatives of not only some random prince in Saudi Arabia but the King himself are there 24/7 trying to officially protect him.

All the same, in Saudi Arabia Al-Harbi clan is worried about his safety even though he's not even an Al-Harbi.

The more you think about this theory the more it starts to sound like, "Obama perpetrated the Boston terror bombing because he wanted to take away people's guns."

Nicoenarg said...

I should have said "unmarried daughters".

Nicoenarg said...

And it turns out two of the wives and all the children were Saudi and one of the wives was Yemeni who went to Yemen.

Ciccio said...

Firstly, the Bin Laden family is originally from Yemen, marrying a Yemeni would be the normal way of keeping it within the family. Secondly, apart from Osama, the rest of the family are very close to the throne and are considered one of the Kingdom's leading families. It's like Islam, everything is peace and love except for the one exception.

Nicoenarg said...

Cicco, not just "apart from Osama". Any terrorist sons of his are not close to the royals either.

Between Muslims its all peace and love but not when honor and revenge comes into play.

The theory that Al-Harbi and Hamza bin Laden are the same person does not pan out.

One has to jump a lot of hoops to make it so. Of course one can go down the conspiracy theory road where all is possible but where reality stands Al-Harbi is Al-Harbi and as Al-Harbi, I think, he's involved with Boston bombing somehow.

Nicoenarg said...

As for my point about Osama's wife being Yemeni...the only reason I mentioned that was to say that its irrelevant to think that because Saudi Arabia (and Yemen) took back the wives it means King Abdullah is in bed with Osama bin Laden.

On the other hand, Prince Waleed bin Talal is a known supporter of Muslim Brotherhood. And I do not put it past him to have directly financed a terrorist operation like that in Boston. However, he does not get free access to official representatives of King Abdullah like the ambassador or the foreign minister.

Unknown said...

Nicoenarg said...Prince Waleed bin Talal is a known supporter of Muslim Brotherhood.

Hmmm.....Wouldn't that be his personal bodyguard under that Boston banner (The big picture) Christine provided)?

And why would such a guy be present there?

Unless someone very special needed to be guarded?

Preventing his arrest for example?

Just daydreaming.

By the way the Bin laden family is still very powerful in Saudi Arabia.
Here are some projects they're working on:

Holy Mosque Expansion
Alharam Alnabawi Expansion
Quba Mosque
King Abdul Aziz International Airport
King Saud University
Um Al Qura University
Al-Faisaliyah Tower
King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project
King Abdullah Economic City
King Abdullah University
Al-Jamarat Bridge
King Abdullah Financial District
Princess Norah University
New Alhada Highway
Dar Altouheed Hotel
AlMadinah – AlQaseem Highway
New Hajj Terminals Project
Jabal Omar Project
V.I.P Military Hospital

Pastorius said...

Question: When did al-Harbi arrive in the United States?

Nicoenarg said...

Hmmm.....Wouldn't that be his personal bodyguard under that Boston banner (The big picture) Christine provided)?

Possibly yes, as I have already mentioned. I think its getting mixed up amidst all this emotion. Let me say it as clearly as possible once again.

I wouldn't put it past Waleed bin Talal to finance a terrorist attack like that in Boston. I have also said that the guy looks like Talal's bodyguard (again, looks like him, we don't know for sure so let's not get our panties in a twist) and I have also said in a comment that if its him then he was most probably there to protect Al Harbi (two other reasons he could be there is to make sure the brothers go through with the operation or he was the overseer of the whole operation). This is the thread I'm referring to: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=19209018&postID=6226990571537776094&isPopup=true

As for Bin Laden Co., I am not sure what part of "the Royal family does not have any relations with OSAMA BIN LADEN and his TERRORIST SONS" was not clear.

Lastly Waleed bin Talal does not have any access to official channels like the foreign minister and the ambassador. Waleed bin Talal is NOT involved in the Royal family's political life. Waleed bin Talal is a private businessman. I am starting to sound like a f***in broken record.

Nicoenarg said...

Al Harbi is also 20 years old which makes him at least 2 years younger than Hamza bin Laden.

Here's a report, sadly from CNN, where Osama bin Laden is said to be worried about Hamza:

Bin Laden fretted about his 20-year-old son, Hamza, who had recently been released from house arrest in Iran, instructing his deputy to tell his son to move out of Waziristan. He also provided elaborate instructions about how Hamza might evade the surveillance of the American drones in the tribal regions by meeting members of al Qaeda inside a particular tunnel on the road between the western Pakistani town of Kohat and the city of Peshawar.


So not only did the Saudi Royal family get Hamza to change his name, change his date of birth, and change his whole tribe but also got him out of Iran, Pakistani tribal regions and possibly Afghanistan into Saudi Arabia and then from Saudi Arabia into Boston to carry out or oversee an attack against America.

One question? Since when did Muslim run out of terrorists that they have to come up with elaborate plots like this one to kill Americans?

Nicoenarg said...

Pasto, I would love to know when Al Harbi came into the US too.

Nicoenarg said...


This image from his Facebook account would suggest he entered the US on January 22, 2012.

And if the wild theories about him being Hamza are correct, this image would suggest he was falling in love with his new name (Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi) on June 23, 2011.

Pastorius said...

There you go, Nico.

The timeline fits.

The story of bin Laden fretting about his "20 year old son" would have to be from 2 years ago, because he died in 2011.


after which, his son changed his name

and came to the US.

The timeline works.

We still don't have much evidence it's true, though.

Nicoenarg said...

Lol. Okay, let's go with that for a second:

1. How did he change his name? And how did he become part of the Al-Harbi tribe? Official Saudi documents or illegally? Same with his date of birth?

2. May 2nd, 2011 Osama bin Laden killed and Hamza escapes. And June 23rd, 2011 he puts up first images showing that he's in love with his new name?

3. He comes to the United States in January of 2012 without raising any alarms? The United States government is involved in the attack, otherwise this isn't very likely.

4. Why go through it all and then not take credit for it, knowing that he's a full jihadi, appeared in videos before and proudly vowed to carry out jihad against infidels?

Nicoenarg said...

Also, Al Harbi is 20 now, not two years ago.

Pastorius said...

If al-Harbi is a false identity, he could be any age, within reason.

Pastorius said...

You're offering good reasons not to believe, but nothing definitive.

Same with me.

Your reasons for not believing are probably more reasonable than my reasons for believing.

But then, I have never said I believe this, only that it might be true.

Nicoenarg said...

True. We don't know anything definitively.

In my first comment I said it was plausible. But these are wild accusations so they need to be scrutinized.

As for Al-Harbi being false identity, sure, but why is Al Harbi clan in Saudi Arabia so worried about him?

Pastorius said...

Here's the overriding important point:

al-Harbi is from a wealthy family


he lived in a rat-infested apartment in a complex full of jihadists and whores, where the tenants are seemingly permanently dissatisfied with the landlord.

Al-Harbi did not bother to decorate his apartment.

Al-harby was at the marathon for no apparent reason and he was acting suspiciously.

His roommate did not see him for a day or two BEFORE the marathon.

Al-Harby was visited by the Saudi Consul General


possibly Michelle Obama herself


he just happens to look a lot like Bin Laden's son.

Truth is, if he is the mastermind behind this crime against America, it really doesn't matter much if he is or is not Bin Laden's son.

But it would be interesting.

Pastorius said...

If he was, it ought to be obvious to American intelligence officials.

If they knew who he was and let him go, then they are more evil than I could ever imagine.

Pastorius said...

The al-Harbi clan are known supporters of Al Qaeda, according to you and Walid Shoebat.

Nicoenarg said...

Yup. And I agree with all your points up until "he happens to look a lot like bin Laden's son". He looks a little like him, not a lot.

Like I said, bin Laden's son looks a little like I did when I was his age.

When you say that Al-Harbi, as Al-Harbi, is suspicious. I say, "Yup, I agree. Things don't pan out as the media and the government tells it."

When you say it could be Hamza bin Laden masquerading as Al-Harbi. I say, "Too wild and fantastical of an accusation."

Nicoenarg said...

The al-Harbi clan are known supporters of Al Qaeda, according to you and Walid Shoebat.

Yes and that opinion I still hold on to.

Al-Harbi being protected by the Royal family through official channels makes sense since Al-Harbi tribe is close to the Royals.


Osama bin Laden's son who was being groomed to be like bin Laden slips under the radar and lives in the US for a year and a half, carries out a terrorist attack and then gets treated by American doctors and gets paid a visit by Michelle Obama? Is King Abdullah not only in bed with bin Laden's son but also ruling over the US?

Pastorius said...

Like I said, if al-Harbi is Bin Laden's son, our intelligence officials ought to know about it.


if they do, then they are more evil than I can fathom.

Nicoenarg said...

Yup. But then its also the White House and the State Department. If so then this is like Chamberlain giving the Nazis England instead of Sudetenland.

I guess I would just bow out of this discussion with the opinion that this claim is fantastical and crazy. We'll see if and when more details come out.

Christine said...

I'm tending towards not believing that al-harbi is Bin Laden's son reincarnated.

But, I still strongly believe that al-harbi is involved with the bombings.

Things just don't add up. He's immediately pinned as a person of interest in the bombing, his apartment, which definitely doesn't live up to his families financial standards, is search, "bags of evidence" were removed and his roommate questioned for hours. Then after a visit by Saudi Arabia, he is suddenly just a witness.

Then, they plan on deporting him for national security reasons.

And Michelle Obama doesn't see anything wrong with visiting someone in the hospital who is going to be deported for national security reasons.

During that visit, she see's al-harbi and the other Saudi Arabian, but doesn't walk down the hall to visit with Jeff Bauman, the double amputee, who just so happens to be the person who gave the description to the FBI of one of the bombers, immediately upon waking up from surgery.

Now, we find out he was flagged on a terror watch list.

But, there MAY be a glimmer of hope here.

House Committee on Homeland Security Wants Answers

Despite Napolitano's faux outrage, Key members of the House Committee on Homeland Security says it has "copies of the original deportation order" and have sent a letter to Janet Napolitano that says in part, "We request the Department provide a detailed overview of the records associated with this individual to include his law enforcement and immigration records prior to April 15, 2013, as well as his current status." The letter was signed by Chairman Michael T. McCaul, Chairman Jeff Duncan of the subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency, Chairman Peter King of the subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, and Chairman Candice Miller of the subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security.

Like I said before, Saudi Arabia has us by the balls. This relationship with them is like back in the Mafia days.

So unless someone is willing to risk being "wacked", this may end up in the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

Get over to Free Republic and view the photos that surfaced of Michelle Obama with Person-of-Interest #1 in hospital. (confirming Shoebats earlier reports). Then read this comment which tends to tie in with this thread:
Picture of Michelle visiting Saudi that is on terrorist list

Anonymous said...

4/18 CBS report on Obama's hospital visits

note comment to this article states:
"I guess the President wasn't informed that there were patients sent to Faulkner Hospital as well and bypassed the small community hospital"

Waiting on photos of visits with double amputee, Jeff Baumann who helped identify the Tsarnaev brothers.

Anonymous said...

Here is the comment mentioned @04:51:00 above (just in case it is pulled)
There are TWO (2) detained Saudis after Boston Marathon, according to documents obtained by Glenn Beck.

Look at photos of "Hospital Saudi," the guy tackled then detained in hospital by police 2 hours after Boston Marathon. He was reported to have "severe hand burns" and "shrapnel in back of leg," and "smelled strongly of gunpowder."

BUT when you look at photos of Abudl Al-Harbi, aka "Hospital Saudi" laying in hospital bed, he looks 100% healthy. His hands look fine. He's got an IV with purple plastic endpiece.

Gov't staged "photo op" for al-Harbi with Saudi Foreign Minister inside the hospital room, and both look perfectly healthy.

In other words, al-Harbi (Hospital Saudi), isn't the Saudi that got burned. The OTHER Saudi that we haven't seen, aka Saudi #2, is probably the one burned and shrapnel-injured. But the government isn't staging photo-ops with Saudi #2, are they? No way.

Ask yourself.... WHY would the feds, after screwing up this case royally and allowing 2 Chechens to enter the USA, and ignoring 2 warnings from Russia about the Chechens... WHY would the feds seek more publicity on 2 Saudis they were planning to DEPORT mere days after the bombing, before any investigation?

The only answer is, "The gov't wants to distract from Saudi #2, so they put Saudi #1 in the hospital room and staged a photo op w/Saudi Foreign Minister, THEN RELEASED THE PHOTOS ON THE WEB, hoping that folks would say "Oh look, there's the Saudi in the hospital, that's the Saudi "person of interest" from Day 1 of the bombing, his name's Abdul al-Harbi, and he's not that interesting, so I guess the feds can deport him."

That's the only reason for this "photo op" and photo release.

QUESTION: Can we see a photo of detained Saudi #2 (in custody as reported by Glenn Beck)? I doubt the gov't is rushing to show us Saudi #2. Because if you look at photos of the Marathon, of the "Saudi Trio," one of the trio looks EXACTLY like Bin Laden, aka his son, Hamza Bin Laden.

Hamza, aka "The Crown Prince of Terror," vowed revenge vs the USA, and is known to look "Like a young Osama Bin Laden."


Anonymous said...

The interview (video and written) with Al Harbi's roommate, Mohammed Bada indicates he arrived 5 months ago. Quote: "'My roommate is a student, he has been living here for five months. I am not telling you his name because it is not fair to him."

Anonymous said...

Reports and images of one of the bomb locations, across from Lord and Taylor is abundant online. Anyone see images of the Chechens linked to the second location? Anyone see close up images of second location? Perhaps bin Laden was the second Saudi - the one with Visa issues reluctantly mentioned by Napolitano - perhaps it was actually bin Laden who suffered severe burns to his hands and shrapnel to his legs and was 'disappeared' to undisclosed location for treatment. Remember those bomb threats called in at time of CNN's hiccup report of imminent arrest/hearing at Federal Courthouse & hospital after the 'walk by' unscheduled meeting between Saudi ambassador w/obama?