Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Iraqi Government Shuts Down Al Jazeera For Promoting Violence

Al Gore and his Western minions promote Al Jazeera, but Iraq has enough sense to deal with it on a practical level.

Al Gore and his minions WANT Western Civilization to fail.

Iraq's government knows it is no position to play such dangerous games.

Some good news out of Iraq: the government has susspended the license of Al Jazeera for promoting violence. Other broadcast licenses were also suspended. The violence has been growing since Obama ordered U.S. military forces to withdraw but over 200 Iraqis have died in just the last week. Al Jazeera wants to destabilize the government of Iraq and turn the country over to al-Qaeda terrorists. It's not at all clear the Iraqi government can survive against an Al Jazeera-supported Sunni insurgency.This is not "censorship" because Al Jazeera is not a legitimate news organization. It is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and a mouthpiece for terrorist groups.As the New York Times concedes, "All but one of the channels are aligned with Sunni financial backers..."The Times reported that, in a written statement, a senior American official said, "Besides giving the appearance of trying to cover up security force actions and intimidate the press, this undermines confidence in the Iraqi government's ability to govern democratically and guarantee freedom of expression."That's nonsense. Al Jazeera is not about "freedom of expression" or "freedom of the press."  The statement shows that Obama is siding with the violent Sunni extremists in Iraq, not the government.Perhaps this development will alert some Americans to what is in store for the U.S. if the new "Al Jazeera America" gets into 40-50 million homes, especially in Arab-Muslim regions like the Detroit metro area in Michigan.

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Christine said...

Man, I hope they don't come here! It's bad enough I live so close to Musland.