Monday, February 06, 2006

Britain Needs You!

Your Country Needs You Mass Rally in Trafalgar Square, London, England

Saturday 11th February 2006

If you value freedom, democracy and peace then please attend this mass rally in London on Saturday 11th February 2006 at 12 noon

This is your time so please, make your voice heard and show the world that you will never surrender to threats of violence


Update: I got this from a comment on Harrys Place. Some are saying this is likely to be a far-right/racist group. But I'm thinking why let the media or the Muslim community see the extremist reactions. What about us the normal everyday moderates? Comments please!


J said...

arghhhhhhhh, why cant they do it on sunday :(

ill try and be there, but if not i'll get some others to go, hopefully my mate with the camera can go as well

Anonymous said...

If you hear anything I would be curious to know (plus our 20,000 daily readers no doubt!).

I want to know whose standard is flying before deciding to join this particular shieldwall

J said...

ok, it looks like this rally may not be what we think :

it is a rally being held by the Muslim Association of Britain and the possibly joint with the MCB.

Date: 11th February 2006

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Venue: Trafalgar

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify on the extremist groups part The reason this has been linked to extremist groups is because it appeared in the Times that the protest had been organised by the BNP. It was then targetted at extremist groups with the intention of the media being able to focus of trouble caused by the extremist groups and then blaming the BNP (a deliberate attempt to ruin the BNP's reputation). The BNP has nothing to do with the demonstration. It is a non political demonstration
I have nothing to do with the BNP, but ive seen this posted around all over the place and seen it on their website so i thought id take the opportunity to clarify for any of those who think it is going to be a predominatly far right protest.

Good luck, I'l see you there