Friday, March 28, 2008

Do The Riots In Tibet Have An Islam Angle?

Even I, a guy who believes that most of the problems in the world today have something to do with Islam, would never have believed this.

Tibetan Rioters Burn Down Mosque

LHASA, China (AP) - Police closed off Lhasa's Muslim quarter on Friday, two weeks after Tibetan rioters burned down the city's mosque during the largest anti- Chinese protests in nearly two decades.

Officers blockaded streets into the area, allowing in only area residents and worshippers observing the Muslim day of prayer. A heavy security presence continued in other parts of Lhasa's old city as cleanup crews waded through the destruction inflicted when days of initially peaceful protests turned deadly on March 14.

It was not clear why the area was cordoned off, although rioters had targeted businesses belonging to Chinese Muslim migrants known as Hui, who control much of Lhasa's commerce.

The protests were the most-sustained challenge to China's rule in the Himalayan region since 1989.

The most sustained challenge to China's rule, and it comes because GENERALLY PEACEFUL TIBETAN BUDDHISTS HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE MUSLIMS IN THEIR MIDST.

And, of course, the media has been generally successful at keeping this motivation a secret from us.

What do you know?


Anonymous said...

The MSM is guilty of leading us to believe the Chinese authorities were clamping down on the Bhuddist population of Tibet. I shouldn't be surprised - the msm is beyond contempt.

The Chinese, who do not abide the limitations of Universal Human Rights would do us all a great service by taking care of their own Muhammedan infiltration and set the example for all those currently facing the threat of jihad.

Pastorius said...

That may be true, but in the meanwhile, the Chinese are killing two birds with one stone, by blaming the unrest on Buddhists.

Anonymous said...

With shoddy/intentionally deceptive journalism, it's no surprise the msm is losing all credibility. Newspapers suffer biggest ad revenue plunge in more than 50 years...

Pastorius said...

Good riddance to them.

IBA, as a decentralized and international blog of writers from all over the world, is a prototype of the future of our news organizations.

Epaminondas said...

Don't you remember this?

We don't understand the himalayan area's peoples as well as we ought, I think.

The Chinese, btw, are going apeshit warning everyone about the danger of terror from the uighurs of Xingkiang. They are muslims.