Thursday, March 27, 2008

Islam In Britain: 4,000 Forced Marriages Per Year

4,000 Brides in Burqas and chains. 4,000 women whose suffering British law is ignoring out of political correctness. 4,000 silent victims. Silent all these years, their suffering locked away as a keepsake and a testament to the cowardice of the Leftist British establishment.

From Astute Bloggers:

A quiet epidemic of missing teenagers has Britain
questioning its multicultural beliefs and asking why authorities have not acted
to protect these children.

Only a few weeks after the Archbishop of Canterbury suggested that
the British allow for shari’a courts for Muslims,
new study
indicates as many as 4,000 or more Muslim teens
and young adults simply vanish every year — forced into arranged marriages by
family members through abduction, rape, and threat of death


Reliapundit says: Islamo-misogyny is the sociological/psychological root cause of jihado-terror:

Children who are taught that it’s okay to do this and worse to their sisters (people of their own blood/their own family/their own tribe) will of course grow up to be able to commit genocide against infidels.

The civilized world must unite to ERADICATE islamo-misogyny.

This can be done without any wars:

Nations which permit islamo-misogyny should be shunned and banned from all international and multilateral organizations - including the UN, the WB, the IMF and WTO.

And then we might use coordinated international police force to interdict the perp's as they transport the victims: we need only remove all young Muslim women during their passage from one nation to another, and then isolate them in safety, and then offer them freedom and refugee status anywhere in the West if they claim to be traveling against their will.
It's that simple.

We can end this practice in a few years time.
With no bullets.

There is NO EXCUSE for the Left not to unite with the Right to achieve this.

There is NO EXCUSE for the Euros not to unite with the USA to achieve this.

I urge Bush and Rice and the GOP to adopt this policy.We ended slavery; we can end forced marriage and islamo-misogyny.

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