Sunday, March 30, 2008

Return of The King

. . . . the king of global warming b***S**t that is. Yes, it's Al Gore, and the dems may select him as presidential candidate because the other two are so dismal and absurd they cannot win against McCain.

So, the man who made a film that was so full of "inconvenient untruths" that it had to be banned from being shown in British schools, is fit to be the President of the United States? OMG!

The bloody civil war between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has left many Democrats convinced that neither can deliver a knockout blow to the other and that both have been so damaged that they risk losing November's election to the Republican nominee, John McCain.

Former Gore aides now believe he could emerge as a compromise candidate acceptable to both camps at the party's convention in Denver during the last week of August.

Two former Gore campaign officials have told The Sunday Telegraph that a scenario first mapped out by members of Mr Gore's inner circle last May now has a sporting chance of coming true. read more


Anonymous said...

He's baaaaaaack...

Pastorius said...

Call me crazy, but I think Al Gore has less chance, and would make an even worse President, than the other two.

I would swear the American people have caught on to Gore, but maybe I'm wrong.