Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Someone tell me PLEASE why we are going to the Olympics?

Via American Digest
. Why are we going to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing? Someone please explain. Maybe someone from the US Olympic committee. Or Condoleezza Rice. Behold, if you can, the Rape of Tibet by China....and if that is just too gruesome, just see how China demonstrates its great sportsmanship against Japan in a soccer match. Japan managed to win in spite of the obstacles placed by China and the retarded and blind Nork ref.

So what does one have to do with the other? The US State Department has removed China from its human rights abuse list, and China, hypocrite nation above all others, is whipping up hatred towards Japan by its citizens for what happened during Japanese occupation in the 1930s - specifically the incident that became known as the Rape of Nanking. China has demanded apologies for this atrocity, and Japan has rightly refused. The government ruling Japan today did not invade, occupy or rape any of the women in China.

Will the Chinese apologize for the invasion, occupation and rape of Tibet any time soon? I am not holding my breath. But this is what we must call what China is doing to Tibet. Anything less is a crime.


Suricou Raven said...

Economic MAD. China is one of the countries that holds a key position in global economy - if it suffers, everyone suffers. Thus it pays to keep in their good books.

Americans sometimes make a bit of a minor fuss about the human rights issues. But thats nothing to the fuss they would make if their disposable consumer goods were to triple in price.

Want to do something about China? Do the same as needs doing for the middle east: Get rid of the ties of economy that make them too important to mess with. Thats going to be hard though. Avoiding ME dependance is really just a matter of getting off of oil. Hard, but doable with new technology and policies. But getting off China-type manufacturing... Thats a complete cultural rebuild, putting the emphesis on durability and more local products, and less on achieving the lowest possible price.

Mother Effingby said...

I remember when Wal-Mart boasted of its mostly made in America campaign. No longer. Utter silence. Everything is mostly made in China. Occasionally, the dam leaks, and we see the nefarious work conditions Chinese workers must endure. We see, only because someone in the west has died from poison toothpaste, or their pet has died from poisoned pet foods, or because someone with a cell phone managed to take of picture in one of the far-flung Muslim provinces of a blown-up bus full of infidels and posted it on the internet.
China is, as is the Sheikhdom of Araby, a multi-tentacled monster. No sooner do you find yourself free from one, when two more wrap themselves ever more tightly around your throat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suricou Raven.

Pastorius, the pics you link to are absolutely horrifying. I posted on this yesterday and linked to some gruesome pics as well, but these ones make mine look tame.

I agree that doing business with China is hypocritical. The whole world should boycott them en masse until they clean up their act. Even one more day of their thuggish brutalities is one day too many. HOw much suffering goes on each and every day in that hell hole!

Mother Effingby said...

True about the Japanese. In addition, the Japanese have minimalized their own role in WWII and in China. But if we fastforward to the present and see that those philosophies which enabled the Japanese to become psychopathic killers was the same philosophy that enabled the German people to endorse Hitler's extermination of other races. This is also, in the name of religion, the same philosophy of Islam, and Communism. The Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the forced one child per family policy has produced a dearth of natural resources and a psychopathic murder machine of the Chinese. Don't think for a moment that the same race superiority displayed by the most savage of modern civilizations is any less present in China. That is why I think this event should be called the Rape of Tibet. Back in their faces! Hypocrites all.

Pastorius said...


What has been morbidly amusing to me of late is that people are getting all worked up about Tibet, as if that situation even approached the worst that the Chinese regime does.

I've had trouble finding the link of late, but a few years back the World Health Organization had put out a report that there were 200 million women missing from the Chinese population. This shows that policies of abortion, abandonment, and murder were being used in the wake of China's one-child only policy.

Let's be clear, that policy is killing people, and that is evil.

However, at the same time, we can be happy, because the short-sightedness of the policy is going to kill the Chinese regime.

Epaminondas said...

Not sure about this, but I believe the previous Japanese PM did apologize and the Chinese threw it back as insufficient.

WW2 was horrific in the east. At a cocktail party in Korea after a research seminar I was with my Korean hosts when a Japanese researcher came over and we all discussed some technical issues. There were a few jokes and laughter. The man was about 45. That puts his birth in the 60's.
When he walked away, 2 of the 4 Koreans I was with, SPONTANEOUSLY and individually SPAT ON THE MARBLE FLOOR. Family issues during the occupation (from 1905 ->), they said. That is how deep the animosity runs.

Be that as it may..China has scant excuse today. We should NOT go. People will as how many nations then, have hands clean enough to host the Olympics, and that is a good question.