Friday, March 28, 2008

The presidential race that gives Ringling Brothers a run for their money

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages........

Three types of identity crisis:

We have a mixed race candidate and his identity crisis. On one hand, he is in bed with African theology, a church with a notorious history of racist, anti Semitic and anti-American preachers. Sermons built to remind white Americans, what life was like before the civil war. Preached by and to those who consider themselves to be eternal victims of a crime, that no amount of blood and lives lost during the war, will ever make up for.

A candidate, who has an obvious connection to Islam. Not only because of his family history, but his ties to Farrakhan.

A candidate who while courting the above, will stand up and denounce them and call for racial unity in a effort to have it both ways.

We have a woman candidate, with a long term history of love/hate in this country. Her identity crisis, comes in the form of baggage, called Bill. Baggage that has the ability to both hurt and help her. If you hated Bill for his politics, you hate Hillary. If you hated Bill because of the blue dress, you either love Hillary because of what she put up with or you hate her, because she did.

Of course, if you loved Bill, you love Hillary. You love her because you get to have Bill back, or you love her, because she is backed by Bill.

Then, you have McCain and his particular identity crisis. The republican, the Republicans hate to love. He's the "demi" Democrat, the soft Republican or the "i'm not a Democrat or a Republican"'s candidate. With John, you have choices. You pick him because your Democratic candidate of choice isn't the Democratic nominee. You pick him because he is tough on ............ and soft on........ Hey, he is the third party candidate in a country that doesn't have one yet.

Of course, if you hate the Democrats, you pick McCain, because he ain't, exactly.

Look at this way. At least we only have three characters in our circus to choose from. Look at all of the countries who have to weed through hundreds.

Can you say Cirque du Soleil?

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