Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Film on Michael Moore's Hypocrisy

Michael Moore Is Our 1st Featured Hypocrite
February 12th, 2008

Did you know, according to the film Shooting Michael Moore, that Michael Moore:

- Invested in Haliburton, other huge oil corporations and many of the Major pharmaceutical companies.

- Produced Fahrenheit 911 which was and is used to recruit terrorists by Bin Laden.

- Has the only American film allowed to be seen in Iran in over a decade.

Check out the trailor for the movie Shooting Michael Moore. We suggest you get a copy of it somehow and view it. In the future we will be showing more clips from it but here is the trailor now.

You can buy this new film in its entirety here.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear sport:

Hey, thanks for this link on El Gordo, 'The Fat one', in bank account, girth, lies and venality ad nauseum. Gee, ya reckon they'll show this on any government run public TV station?

Nope. Any good films ya know of on AL Gores fake and bogus reference doco?

Colonel Neville.