Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sen McCain, this one's for you ..Mubarak, HAMAS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran

While we can all argue about Sen McCain's offhand comment that Iran was aiding Al Qaeda via training in Iran for war in Iraq, due to the mystical sunni shia split, apparently Prez Mubarak of Egypt has no such doubts.

No one can disagree with HAMAS being the Muslim Brotherhood (see their charter)
No one can argue that the MB is the most sunni of organizations.
No one can argue that Al Qaeda is (See Zawalhiri et al) an offshoot of the MB as well.

In a reference to the escalation of Iran's clout in a coup - via Hamas Mubarak says: We are and we had borders with Iran in the Gaza Strip
No one seems to have any doubt that Iran supports HAMAS by all means possible, why then was it such a gaffe that McCain mentioned that Iran was possibly training Al Qaeda?


Note that events in the Gaza are referred to as the "Holocaust".

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