Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ex-Muslim Making Film Depicting Mohammed Deflowering 6 Year Old Bride Ayisha

From Andrew Bostom:

His new animated film reportedly shows the Muslim prophet, accompanied by his child bride Aisha, on the way to a mosque to “deflower” her. Wilders’ film (and the reaction to it) may be humdrum, in comparison!

As the world awaits the release of Geert Wilder’s much anticipated film, “Fitna,” we learn that ex-Muslim Ehsan Jami’s animated feature entitled, “The Life of Mohammed,” will also be released within weeks. Jami (b. 1985) is an Iranian √©migr√© to the Netherlands, and member of the city council of Leidschendam-Voorburg, belonging to the Dutch Labour Party. He was one of two founders of the Central Committee for Ex-Muslims in 2007, is a routine recipient of death threats, and at one point, beatings.

Today from Expatica (Netherlands) we learn that Jami’s animated film on Islam, which “ bound to come up against opposition. The Contact body for Muslims and the Government has already announced it will take legal steps against the film,” is nevertheless slated to be released April 20th.

An acute decapitation prevention alert may be in order for Mr. Jami, if and when his film is shown, based upon these pre-release details:

“Netwerk [a current affairs program] showed a drawing from the film, which is entitled The Life of Mohammed. The drawing shows the prophet Mohammed in the company of his 9-year-old wife Aisha. The prophet is on his way to a mosque to deflower his bride.”


Epaminondas said...

Fitna is Mr Rogers compared to this

I hear music.

Time to dance

Pastorius said...

Mr. Mohammed, won't you be my neighbor?

Anonymous said...

The truth brings out an expected response from these perverted savages. I downloaded a copy of Fitna. Where's a public server I can send it to?

Pastorius said...

I don't know. I'm a techtard.

Leave your question on this thread:

Anonymous said...

"Perverted savages?" Don't generalize. Stop judging people based on what a psychotic minority did.