Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come quietly or there will be... trouble.

IDF deploys new anti-terror system around Gaza

Army upgrades its capabilities in the Gaza region: New system combines camera, machine gun and enables IDF troops stationed in operations room to identify and fire at terrorists without risking themselves

Hanan Greenberg

Published: 03.24.08, 19:10 / Israel News

robocop.jpgFirst report: A new system deployed by the IDF in the Gaza-region enables soldiers stationed in the operations room to fire at Palestinian terrorists near the Gaza fence, Ynet has learned.
The systems, which are equipped with a camera and a machine gun, enable soldiers to watch any activity that takes place near the fence and if necessary to fire at the push of a button. The new system will soon be officially declared "operational."
n recent months, the IDF Southern Command has integrated the system into its operational routine and instructed IDF field intelligence troops on using it. The system was developed by the Israel Armament Development Authority.

'System not supposed to replace soldiers'

At this time, one system has been deployed north of the Gaza Strip. Additional systems will be deployed along the fence in the near future.

"The system is not supposed to replace soldiers on the ground, and it won't replace the need to charge at terrorists when necessary," an IDF official said.

"We will be able to distinguish between terrorists and innocent civilians," another military official said. "We won't fire needlessly, yet at the same time we are responsible for protecting IDF soldiers."

"Beyond this, through the system we will be able to upgrade our abilities to identify the enemy and thwart attacks in a more effective manner," he said.

Ever since IDF troops left the Gaza Strip, soldiers were able to thwart hundreds of attempts to breach the border fence and carry out attacks. However, IDF officials stress that terror groups are still highly motivated to carry out attacks, prompting the army to constantly improve its defense


Krishna109 said...

This is a good idea-- it is needed to prevent incidents such as this.

I believe that when the Gaza-Egypt wall was breached quite possibly explosive experts from Iran were smuggled into Gaza-- which could result in the Palis making sophisticated IEDS. This new Israeli invention may lessen the need for jeep patrols--an thereby save soldiers' lives.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope hope the IDF has a crack team of champion xbox gamers maning the controls and they can rack-up a really high score :)

Pastorius said...

e of usa,
As long as they are only shooting the moderate Muslims.