Sunday, May 31, 2009


It is our duty as Patriots and Americans to question our government, to take them to task, to keep them in check.

It is our duty as Patriots and Americans to know the facts about what's going on with our government, what they're up to. Unfortunately, too many have abrogated that duty to the media. Bad idea. Big mistake.

It is our duty as Patriots and Americans to draw conclusions based on the facts, not distort or ignore facts to support our conclusions. And then question government about those conclusions.

Cyber Security Czar -- suddenly everything on the internet will be watched, shut down quickly if they detect the slightest inappropriate comment, deemed dangerous to national security.

Well, no, not exactly. It'a a proposal to increase security among government and businesses to prevent hackers, theft of information, disruption of communications. The idea is to coordinate efforts between gov't and the private sector.

Who among us didn't say this was needed under Bush? Or even further back? But now because it's Obuma it's suddenly a treacherous thing. We don't even know the details yet. So how can we draw that conclusion?

Does it bear watching? Bear discussion? Hell yes, absolutely, and as the details emerge THEN draw conclusions, question, oppose, resist if necessary.

Crushing Dissent -- Obuma is shutting down any dissent, not allowed to question The Stimuless, no more lobbyists, it's how Stalinism works.

Not quite. Read this at Little Green Footballs. It applies only to those seeking Stimuless funds, a protection against bribery or graft in getting a piece of a really large pie. As such not a bad idea. But it could, of course, elad elsewhere so again, watch it, talk abouti it, question and resist it BASED ON THE FACTS

Dealergate -- This one is looking to be as bad or worse than advertized. And needs more and more light thrown on it.

Preventive detentions -- What Obuma has said is probably no worse than what Bush has said but, as Pasto pointed out to me, we don't know his intent. So another one we need to push on, question, resist, get to the core of it.

Foreign Policy -- An absolute disaster all around. And our biggest threat and challenge.

Best advise I got this week came from a friend at work.

A woman I worked for before I was "reorganized", one I think very highly of, was forced into resignation after 28 yrs. Not for job performance, hers was excellent, but at least in part because of old disagreements with a new boss.

I was absolutely livid. Furious and fuming. Ranting.

My friend said "Breathe, dude, breathe."

Obama is worse than anything we thought he would be. He and his policies and his entire administration require intense scrutiny. Know the facts, define the issue, talk about it, draw conclusions, question it, and if necessary scream about it, oppose it, resist it.

But remember to breathe, dudes, breathe.


revereridesagain said...

We have a situation at one of the radio talk stations in the greater Boston area, WTKK, that is making me wonder if I'm imagining things. WTKK's lineup includes Imus, conservative talk host Michael Graham (who hosted the Boston Tea Party in April), liberals Eagan and Braude, conservative Michelle McPhee, and Curtis Sliwa.

About a month ago the afternoon-evening conservalibertarian talk host, Jay Severin, called Mexicans "primitives," "leeches," spreaders of swine flu and VD, etc. Jay commonly refers to specifically illegal Mexican immigrants as "criminalians" and the like, and his employer, Greater Media, Inc., has been supported his free speech rights. But this time he did not specify illegal. He didn't even specify immigrants. It was just "Mexicans" and I thought at the time, this one is going to get you in trouble, dude. Not because what you said was "hurtful" but because it was inaccurate, a lie, and an insult to the several million Mexicans who are not as you described them.

It did. He got suspended. That was not a first, either. His time slot was filled in by other talk show hosts, some from the same station, others from outside. No big.

However, after a few days it seemed to me that discussion of substantial issues had been significantly decreased. There seemed to be less discussion of urgent topics such as Iran, NorK, Obamanation, Sotomayor, etc., and more about sensationalist "human interest" stories, local politics, entertainment gossip to the point where is has become bland and boring. Or, I could be imagining things.

Severin is returning to his time slot tomorrow and is slated to make an "apology". If he correctly identifies the issue and what was wrong and worthy of apology about his statements, then carries on in his usual far from perfect but generally insightful and freedom-centered mode I will assume I'm just being paranoid.

But if he starts spending the afternoons discussing the likes of Phil Spector, the abduction hoax mom, sexting, tolls on the Mass Pike, or Susan Boyle, I will start to worry...

midnight rider said...

In today's p.c. age I 'm a bit surprised he got away with as much as he did.

You're probably not paranoid, the other hosts may be a bit gun shy after this. Be interesting to see if things return to normal after a cooling off.

Anonymous said...

Um, OK. Dealergate was or was not, depending on who you read here, an illegal seizure of property. But now, per one of the entries about it, apparently the contracts for the seized dealerships are being shopped.

Wonder who will get them?

Who will report on that? You will never hear a word of it from the MSM.

You guys understand creeping jihad. Isn't this essentially the same thing? And why should one "breathe" (which I assume means "chill, dude") when one sees liberties crumbling?

For instance, why an internet "czar"? Someone with no accountability to anyone but the Pres? Not even a freaking confirmation hearing.

If it is such a national security issue, perhaps it should be an function / office of the FCC, where the commissioners are publicly accountable. Perhaps Congress, you know, the branch directly accountable to the people, should have some public hearings, discuss a security office, take public comments, etc.

Why a national security force, as well funded and armed as our military? Why? Why did NOT ONE CONGRESSPERSON ASK whether the
"GIVE" or "SERVE" or whatever Act was a step toward such a "security force?"

Cloward-Piven writ large, that's why. This economy is being wrecked by this government. It is being made unsustainable (as you heard the debt-incur-er (sp??)-in-Chief say a few days ago). I bet you just shook your head about how silly he was. But he is deliberately MAKING IT UNSUSTAINABLE.

This is the practical outworking of the planned chaos described by Von Mises after his observations of pre-WWII Germany.

So the feds can "restructure" to "save" it.

No one in government is called to answer these questions, MR. They just get swept away in the latest distraction or crisis. And the "creeping totalitarianism" creeps on.

And don't tell me you did not hear it - the problem with our unsustainable debt level is that we don't have nationalized health care???? How about - you fix medicare first, and then we'll talk about expanding it to people who cannot afford private health insurance. OR, maybe, let's reform the regulations on private health insurers so they don't need to cover every single thing under every single policy. Maybe we let people actually shop insurers across state lines. OR, let's examine how it worked in Mass. OR, let's try a pilot project for two years in a blue state where people want it. OR, let's secure the border. But, no. His answer to unsustainable debt is to incur more.

This is certifiable craziness, and NOT ONE MSM outlet called him on it.

The left got where it is by NEVER, EVER, EVER, letting up on grievance bearing, positive rights whining, conservative and Bush-bashing, name calling, labeling, outright smearing, intimidating and dividing the "enemy." They never, ever, ever gave Bush the benefit of the doubt, they continually told huge lies 'til "everyone" believed it.

There is a new internet rumor that Sarah Palin is or wants to "get it on" with "younger" guys, for instance. They are STILL NOT BREATHING!

They will never, never, never, never, never give up.

They NEVER "breathed."

They won.

So go ahead, breathe away.

Just save a half a shot of the WT. I'll try to find something worth trading for it.


Anonymous said...

Just read that George Tiller was murdered in Kansas. I bet that Pro-lifers guns (if not their liberty) are now fair game.


midnight rider said...

Ro -- When I say breathe I'm not talking about ignoring a problem but being proactive about it, not reactionary.

Now, whose fault is it that no one in govt is called to answer to these issues. Governments? Obama's? Or ours?

We're the ones that need to hold their fet to the fire. They won't do it on their own.

BUT, if you go running to a congressman stating Obama is a Marxist, a Stalinist who wants to lock us all up for speaking our mind the proof is he's hired an internet cyber security czar and imposed lobbying controls on the Stimuless and he needs to be removed from office right away, you're either going to be ignored, laughed at or have a visit from the feds later that day.

But, if you go to your congressman and say you're concerned about this it could lead to abuse by this or future administrations why would he do this what kind of guarantees do we have it won't etc. and then continue to pursue answers you have a much better chance.

But it can't be one or two it must be many. And just as you are not going to enlist the help of congressman raging about the Muslim in the White House neither will you secure the support of fellow conservatives and disillusioned liberals.

So yes, take a deep breath then talk to them rationally, using the facts and what you see the conclusions to be. Because if we go off half cocked sooner or later it will bite us and then we will lose the very support we're working to get.

Don't ignore the problem but don't make it what it's not.

Otherwise we might as well be howling at the fucking moon.

As for the MSM, they are a lost cause soon to be consigned to the dustbin. Good, get rid of all of them.

midnight rider said...

As for Geroge Tiller, regardless of what I think of abortion, a murder like that is wrong.

And an arrest has been made.

Will they try to come down on pro-lifers and their guns because of it? Maybe. Will it work? Not likely. Hasn't before when they've tried. Will we resist it if they try? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

I am not and have never called him a "Muslim." I find his unopposed plans to fund an internal military-type civilian security force alarming.

I find the flouting of bankruptcy laws, the intimidation of voters, the seizing of private businesses (not Dealergate, just nationalizing private companies), the "Dealergates", the "man-caused disasters", the proposed "detentions" (of US citizens, apparently) without charges, the attempted take-over of my health-care, the chatting with vicious, violent dictators and the dictating to our historic allies, the "czars", the demonizing of political positions, and the general collectivization of the society, the unsustainable debt and likely financial collapse of the country and the disregard for our inalienable rights alarming.

No need to resort to name calling when there is lots of evidence backing all those up.

But the left got here by never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever letting up. Unless the conservative movement does the same, the momentum will not shift until after. . . whatever is coming.

Look for a huge push to outlaw abortion protests and to disarm conservative activists in the next few weeks. If I were a conspiracy nut, I would say that this is just exactly the kind of "crisis" the left needs right now.

But I am not. So, condolences to his family, and full extent of the law to his murderer.

midnight rider said...

Ro -- I agree with every word you've said. 100%.

Problem is not everyone does. They would rather shriek.

So who put him in office? We did. Because we did not present a large cohesive srgument not to.

Some of the strongest voices we could have had against Obama and his policies were people like Atlas. mHer voice against what he was saying could have made a huge difference.

Instead we got 'He's a Muslim" "He's a Manchurian Candidate specifically put here to destroy America" "We need to see his birth certificate. He's not a born American".

Well, who's going to listen to her very valid points when you get this stuff with it?

If that's all we resort to, no one will listen to us. We must be loud and in their face yes absolutely but we have to be able to back it up with facts, not flying off on conspiracy theories, even you said that. Something some seem to be slipping away from.

That's what I'm trying to say here.

Anonymous said...


But it does seem a shame that the country "listened to" the likes of Code Pink, Olby, Matthews, and the Kos-kids when they said (and say) the most outlandish, nutter-head, wild-eyed, foam-at-the-mouth crap.

For instance, it is now part of the popular culture "Bush lied, people died."

Why does nothing they do get looked at "askance," while the right is held to the most exacting standards of "decency" "ethics", etc. by the MSM?

"Make 'em play by their own rules." - that's why.

How do we get out of it? I do not think your ideas will work, unfortunately. The Tea Parties were the most cohesive, coherent, straight-forward, impressively well-attended message and how did it play?

"Racists (greedy, $250,000/year racists, at that) who hate a black man in the WH." (Of course, skin color has nothing to do with it. If it did, Clarence Thomas would be - oops, forgot, gender PLUS race trumps race - my bad).

So, unless we get some conservative leadership willing to take the slings and (poison) arrows of the left, to articulate clearly the traditional constitutional values, and it is actually reported by the MSM, I fear it is lost.

My pinot is chilled and it is after 5. (No WT here, unfortunately). Have a great evening.


revereridesagain said...

Yes, writing to your congressman may help slow the Obama juggernaut down a bit. It is certainly worth a try. But we are yelling in their faces and backing it up with facts now -- did the MSM uncover Dealergate? -- and they are all still driving around sporting their OBAMA bumperstickers like the effing campaign was still on. The smoke alarm hasn't gone off and most of them have no idea the house is on fire. Eventually it will, and once we have their attention they may be a bit more willing to listen.

Oh, and just "breathe" about the Tiller murder, people.

Someday some "right-to-lifers" is going to get hold of some records and find out the names of all the women in some church who have had abortions, show up with a gun, and shoot those "murdering jezebels" dead in front of their families. At which point we might see some genuine widespread expressions of outrage for a week or so. But the doctors are safe targets. You can call them murderers and nobody's husband, boyfriend, or father is offended. Arrest, try, convict and sentence the shooter and the band plays on.

midnight rider said...

That's enough. I didn't bring up Tiller. And I said what happened was wrong. Don't know what you want me to say but these shots at me for abortion when I haven't stated my own thoughts on it (because, quite frankly, this isn't the place for them) are getting tiresome.

That's it. I'm done. I'm outta here.

revereridesagain said...

Sorry you find the subject "tiresome" MR. I guarantee your there are millions of women in this country who find it a lot more interesting. You did give your opinion in case you think I didn't notice. You wrote "regardless of what I think of abortion, a murder like that is wrong". It doesn't take a genius to translate that one.

And I am sick and tired of all you "pro-lifers" who talk big and righteous until some uppity woman stands up to you, and then you put your tails between your legs and slink off. ANSWER ME. Are the women who consented to having abortions done by Dr. Tiller murderers or are they not? If they are, why don't you demand that they all be rounded up and tried for it? If not, why don't you mind your own goddamned business?



SamenoKami said...

Is this post about the cyber-czar or about abortion? I'm confused.

The problem w/cyber-czar is not what the job will entail now but what will be done w/the job to crush dissent in the future. No gov't program remains stagnant. They all grow malignantly.

revereridesagain said...

Started out with the cyber-czar, should've stayed there, somebody mentioned Tiller, I will never bring the subject up but I do reply. Plus I was pissed off. Sorry 'bout that. End of story for now.

The cyber-czar is yet another Obama booby-trap set to go off when the right "emergency" hits. It's like we're pointing out where all the mines have been laid but no one will really pay attention until somebody steps on one.

Same old same old.

Anonymous said...

RRA - I am not a pro-lifer. My comment had to do with the proclivity of this administration to seize on any "crisis" and to then enact far-reaching and over-reaching (in my opinion) governmental controls. (In this case I predict gun legislation being re-introduced, bans on "hate speech" being re-invigorated, etc.)

I did not understand your response or MR's. I am not familiar with everyone's stance on abortion.

That was the point and sorry it was so inflammatory. Did not mean it to be so.


Rebellious Kafir said...

"If that's all we resort to, no one will listen to us. We must be loud and in their face yes absolutely but we have to be able to back it up with facts, not flying off on conspiracy theories, even you said that. Something some seem to be slipping away from."

Guilty. And I tend to be a pretty level headed person most of the time, but every once in a while even I slip and I'm glad to know there are those who are willing to reach out and reel me back in if necessary ;) where's the new posts for today. I'm starting to get twitchy and grouchy without my daily hit, it is selfish I know..but, plz feed this troll ;)