Thursday, May 28, 2009

U.S. Government May Take 69% Stake In General Motors

A 69% share means 69% control. 

What do you call it when the government owns business? What do you call it when the government seems to go about taking control of entire industries? Seems to me there's a guy in Venezuela who might know what to call it. Can't seem to remember his name either.

The government's stake in the company originally was to be 50 percent, according to GM's regulatory filings. But it now could be as high as 69 percent. The Canadian government also could get equity for up to $8 billion in aid for the automaker.

And, as we see, the American government is going into business with the Canadian government. 

It remains to be seen if Obama will now shut down profitable GM dealerships across the nation. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Nothing will come of it - and if it seems like something might "come of it" (e.g., someone may actually be "called to account"), then the big bus will pull up and that someone will be pushed under it. (Some poor schmuck does not know what's about to hit him or her).

Or else a new "crisis" will arise and it will seem so petty to be dwelling on such non-essentials as who owns what dealership where.

We have important things to do without being "distracted" by this stuff, doncha know.

And any media outlets that do not toe the propaganda line will learn in no uncertain terms to toe that line or else.

Hey, just wait until they control all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hosptials, labs, energy companies, utilities, cable and print media.

Every conservative/Republican will starve in the dark, with no medicine other than the salt-water gargle and their mom's hot toddy recipe.

Yes, all the "greedy conservatives" have got it comin' to 'em now.

Two months ago you woulda called this ODS. But we are now a nation of men, not of laws.

Christine said...

Afterall, there is a reason the "Donkey has been pinned".