Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have been having an ongoing discussion here, over the past few days, of the amazement we feel over how fast America is sliding into "Marxism", as Pravda called it.

A few of us are not surprised at all. Epaminondas and I, while having been suspicious of Obama since the beginning, are indeed surprised? astonished? yes, amazed by what is happening. 

Obama takes over 72% of GM, 

Obama takes over Chryslers and conspires in the closure of five-star rated, profitable car dealerships which belong to people who donated money to his political opponents,

Obama's Attorney General drops charges of Voter Intimidation against Black Panthers who wielded "night-sticks" in front of polling stations, and were heard to say, "We're going to make sure a black man wins this election", (the Black Panthers are considered a hate group by the SPLC and the ADL, but the Obama Administration seems to be ok with them, indeed, Obama had a Black Panthers page on his campaign website),

Obama goes on an apology tour of the world, apologizing to countries such as Iran, who have sworn the destruction of our nation (which they refer to as "the Great Satan"),

Obama ignores the problem of North Korean nuclear weapons, having said that his administration is "relatively relaxed", and "there is not a sense of crisis",

etc. etc. etc.

It's as if Obama is consciously attempting to wreck America's hegemony, both foreign and domestic. But, that's hard to believe, isn't it?

But, one thing we all should remember is this Administration has shown clear tendencies towards behavior which is outside the American tradition from the very beginning.

Let us never forget this little bit of overt fascism from Rahm Emanuel.


Always On Watch said...

When it became apparent to me that BHO was going to win in November, I knew that we'd be in for it. But I never imagined the rapidity of the implementation of this socialistic agenda.

See this today, over at Gateway Pundit, with regard to exactly which car dealerships were shut down:

So the democratic dealers who were left untouched and those dealers who lost local competitors support the Chrysler closings.I'm going to sound paranoid, I know. But are BHO and his cohorts clamping down on those who are registered as not supporting him?

Can the same thing be happening to the media right now? Are we not getting the full news coverage because journalists and broadcasters live in fear of losing their jobs?

midnight rider said...

You and Epa aren't the only ones astonished, brother. I was willing to give the man a chance as well.

Blew that one, didn't I?

That bastard ain't taking my guns. When they finally move on the guns we'll know it's really on.

So among other things people need to exercise their rights and protections, especially those guaranteed by the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments.

Get out and make some noise. Write to your local papers and congresscritters. Speak up when someoen starts singing the praises of Obama. Don't let yourself be cowed and shouted down. The Left is particularly good at that and we need to return in kind.

While staying within the laws of your state arm yourselves and learn how to use the things. Owning isn't any good if you don't practice. The militia -- US -- isn't any good unarmed or unpracticed. It is the threat of force, or resistance, that the Founders understood would guarantee a Federal gov't, or any other, kept in check. To the legal extent you can start carrying those arms. Not only is it a good reminder to yourself and all who is really supposed to be in charge -- the PEOPLE -- it's better for a society as a whole. Where the population is armed the crime rate goes down. I'm not advocating a belligerent attitude while carrying, concealed or otherwise, that would be a mistake. But exercise your right.

Stand up against the searches and seizures in any form they take. Make noise when you read of something like Dealergate. If you get a visit because you've spoken out -- and it HAS happened -- remember you've done nothing wrong. It is your right, your DUTY, to speak out.

If it's already under way support, if it's not start writing to your state congressmen and get a 10th amendment resolution rolling in your state.



America belongs to Americans. Obama is but a tenant in the White House. That House belongs to us, we are the landlords and we need to evict any man who is not keeping it as he should.

midnight rider said...

reckon that's gonna get me on someone's list. . .

Pastorius said...

Hi MR,
I figured you would count yourself on the list of those who are astonished. However, this post is a continuation of a comments thread where Epa and I both did explicitly say we were shocked, astonished, surprised.

So, I didn't want to speak for you.

Like I said yesterday, Obama's new rules would, apparently, make Thomas Jefferson a person would "might want to kill Americans," and therefore Jefferson would, possibly, be locked up, under the new rules, as we understand them so far.

That's fucking frightening.

midnight rider said...

I understand, P, just stating where I stand.

Not that it ever really seemed to be in question. . .

Anonymous said...

The internet czar will be shutting sites like this down within 18 months, I would guess. Maybe sooner??

Then they will take your guns and no one will be around to report on it, so no one will know.

midnight rider said...

When they come for the guns, if they try to take them by force, then there will be blood shed. Then people will get hurt.

From my cold dead fingers is not just a slogan to many gun owners. More than most folks will admit know that gun ownership is the last defense against tyranny.

They will not give them up willingly nor easily. Then American will be forced to kill American. And when that happens word will get out and around and it will stiffen the resolve.

The sheeple are asleep, not dead. Not yet. Some are starting to wake up.

When they come for the guns this will get very ugly.

Epaminondas said...

Prior to inaug Obama sat down to dinner with Kristol, Will, Krauthammer, Brooks, and a few others.

The night ended with one of them saying they would be praying for him.

I wonder what they would say over dinner together now.

I'll have to do some research about how FDR handled dissent, but while Obama is about where FDR would (IMHO) want to be domestically in ECONOMIC policies, his foreign ideas are absolutely nothing like FDR's.

And I mean NOTHING

The US economy is bound to recover no matter who is at the helm, the question always was how much pain between decline and recovery. So while I don't believe taking over moribund car companies, and paying off others (AIG, Fannie, Freddie) will help (since the major people wounded had we done nothing would have been overseas securities holders....LIKE CHINA... who are now screaming about being paid back in inflated dollars, and talking about dumping $'s while buying short term treasury bills), I can at least UNDERSTAND the need to both do something and to be seen to do so (even Hoover did).

But I will never understand what's INSIDE Obama w/rgd to the foreign policy ideas he has. If they are not dangerously naive, then he has at root a hatred for what we have done as a nation and is a Howard Zinn believer in the extreme - restrained SOLELY by an ego need for the election of 2012.

Republicans should be warning every day about the fruit of Obama's foreign policy ideas, so that when they occur, the public will go 'uh-oh'