Friday, May 29, 2009

Katrina Pierson Rocks!

Hat Tip: The Jawa Report

Wow, Katrina really has it all going for her, on top of being a true, blue American Patriot from the great Longhorn State of Texas!


christian soldier said...

Thank you-Katrina brought a smile - again!

Pastorius said...

Wow, she is a great women.

"We certainly do not need the government telling us what choices we need to make, because we are a free people."

A quote worthy of the Founding Fathers.

And, by the way, isn't it funny that Garafalo, who's views seem to echo those of Whoopie Goldberg, is starting to sound, and even look like, Ms. Goldberg?

Carlos Echevarria said...

Pastorius, you are right!

Katrina is hot and very sexy in that Don't Tread on Me shirt!

Let's see which LA team show up tonight, they just need to withstand the initial run by the Nuggets at home.