Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Loss of a Loved One

As is my habit stopped at my favorite store after work today. As I do every Friday. Had daughter #2 along.

And there, much to my delight, was Wild Turkey Rare Breed. At 35 % off the regular price.

It is a barrel proof bourbon, which means it is bottled just as it comes out of the barrel (new charred white oak) and not watered down to lower the proof to what those of lesser constitutions can handle. Rare Breed runs 108.4 proof. Deep dark amber color. And with a beautiful bourbon burn to it. Oh man.

Much to my delight I say because it's usual price is a bit stiff for regular weekly consumption. The deep discount, however, brought it to the same price as regular 101 proof Wild Turkey. This was too good to pass up.

No brainer, I grabbed 2 of the 3 bottles on the shelf (didn't want to short myself on cash).

Walked to the counter. Manager was running the register.

"I put one out and you grabbed it and another."

'Yeah, can't pass this up. What's the story with such a low price?"

"They're not bottling it anymore. At least for a while. Maybe special runs now and again."

I was shaken to my very core.

"Quick, kid, go grab that third bottle."

"As a matter of fact I was going to buy that last one myself. Didn't realize it would go so quickly."

"Oh, you like it too? Then I shall let a fellow afficionado have it. But you better hurry, there's only 1 left."

As soon as he rang me up, I saw him hightail it to grab that last bottle, though there were other people still in line.

But you know, they were all smiling at him as he grabbed it.

Wild Turkey

Austin Nichols Distilling Co.

Lawrenceburg, KY

drink responsibly. give someone else the keys. better still, just don't leave the bar.


Anonymous said...

Or a big ol' house party!! Yes - with scrambled eggs and sausage at 4 a.m. Everyone sleeps 'til 11 and then breakfasts on coffee and coffee cake (and cold pizza, if there's any left. . ).


Pastorius said...

I say drink it at home with some friends, and the stereo pumping some good tunes.

That way, the only problem is if someone falls down on the way to the bathroom.


christian soldier said...

Does this mean I have to get to my local Bev-Mo ... now!!!?

christian soldier said...

WOW-I like it AWA my favorite single malt Scotch! and they are not producing it any more!?

midnight rider said...

CS-- They're not producing the Rare Breed anymore. But fear not the 80, 83 & 101 proof are still alive and well.

Were it not there would be far more weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part.

My guess is because the Rare Breed is small batch stuff, they have to wait a few years until the next batch of it reaches bottling age.

Nevertheless, I plan on making the rounds of the local liquer stores tomorrow to hunt down all the Rare Breed I can find.

midnight rider said...

Pasto -- that's a bit the way last weekend's multiple day graduation party worked out. Everyone that hung around to the end each night was within walking distance. A few wound up sleeping on their lawns :)

christian soldier said...

Does the 101 proof have similar taste..It's on sale here! the Rare Breed is not...
I couldn't resist purchasing the RB-since I drove esp. to buy it- thanks to your recommendation-MR ...
Mine was $36-(35.99) PLUS our new 9.25 CA tax!!!!it's the tax that makes me -not smile- the Rare Breed makes me smile....:-)
Again-thank you for the heads up...

midnight rider said...

Careful with the Rare Breed, CS. It has a wonderful taste and delightful burn to it. And can get the job done very quickly, especially if you're not used to it.

The regular price here is $32.99 plus state sales tax. I got it for $22. Didn't think to ask the guy if that was all over the place or just this store since these were his last 3 bottles.

The 101 is what I drink regularly. It is very good stuff indeed. And I am a bourbon lover. Just can't afford the pricey stuff usually.

Our regular price for the 101 is $22. The taste is very similar to the RB just a bit scaled back.

Let me know how you like the RB. And if the 101 is on sale grab a bottle or 2.

Incidentally -- Wild Turkey 101 was a favorite of Hunter S Thompson.

christian soldier said...

I never thought I would say this -I like the Rare Breed as well as my favorite single malt Scotch!
I will try the 101-it is on sale here---at Bev-Mo...

midnight rider said...

See? Gotta trust Midnight Rider :)

Gotta love a lady who loves a good burn.

Epaminondas said...

Can't get it in Maine.

Haven't had it since U Va. played UNC in 69, when my grandmother screamed when she saw me and said I looked like a hungarian gypsy

I miss the aroma of a REEEEEL bourbon like that, just pour a bit and whiff around for a while ..up here they have a FEW bottles of Jack Label.


Annie Jeffries said...

Never heard of it but then I'm not much of a drinker. I sure liked the story though. Cheers!