Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are witnessing the precise mechanism by which thugs make mistakes about democracies and we end up in war

It begins and end with human nature. Which is nature itself. Undeniable. Apparently unchangeable.

Those who rule nations which are not ruled by their own people imagine themselves strong for having taken by force and imagination and daring what others could not, would not or were defeated while trying to achieve. They see themselves as doing good for their people through their strength. Some see this strength as god given. It really is irrelevant.

They see the leaders of nations whose people rule themselves as hamstrung, weaker, and risk averse. By comparison, of course, they are, since they must be in order to prevent them (our leaders) from taking power themselves gradually or suddenly.

Today we see the leader of a tiny starving nation offer up, precisely after each warning from nations whose people rule themselves, another provocation. Each and every time a warning is issued, missles get launched, armistices are abrogated, allies are threatened. It is clear no matter WHAT they actually have in mind, North Korea has little fear of anything actually occurring as a result of actions of the West.

The North Koreans have been taught this certainly since at least B Clinton was president. But it was certainly articulated when Carter was president, by Khomenei. 'The Americans cannot do a damned thing', he said after Desert One.

In Teheran Khamenei, Safavi, Rezai, Abbassi, Mesba-Yazdi, Jannati, Rafsanjani, and Larijani are all observing. So are those in other capitals. Wonder why China has been no help to the USA? This is a real life lab. They want some answers about us. At little risk to them, they have a nice science experiment going.

Iran sees Iraq as a last gasp, and an exception. They have said so. STRATEGICALLY. Others must wonder. MUST WONDER.

The West is now lead by someone of reason, who wishes to reason with former and present enemies and reach a rational conclusion to enmity.

This is not wrong.

The others just don't want the same kind of conclusion.

They believe if they keep pushing the West will keep falling back and offering up reason for them to halt. In the 1930's we know now that the German leadership actually became FRUSTRATED with the West because no provocation would cause the war which would lead to the dominance of Germany. Of course one is always found.

The others are going to conclude they can do almost anything and the ultimate price will never be paid.

They are wrong, but they don't know it. They are being brought to these conclusion by the same kinds of mistakes, made in the same old way.

The American people just don't want war. They don't want the confrontations which remind them of it. They don't want leaders who warn them about it and make them think about it. It's really quite natural. It's not 'wrong'. Leaders who reflect this reality get elected. Baldwin and Chamberlain were immensely popular for a reason. These leaders cause the others to imagine they are facing a weak entity which cannot be provoked enough. Those leaders with the temerity to warn, and act are ridiculed and characterized as evil characters from the movies.

The others don't know where the uncrossable line is.

Neither do I.

But I know it's there.

The others will no longer believe it, though. Sooner or later.

And there we have it.

And we will incinerate them again, because that's what we do, and for what but to begin this cycle again?

That is nature


Always On Watch said...

Amil Imani's recent essay, "Is Democracy the Killer of Liberty?"

Anonymous said...

How come you think we will incinerate them?

We will be incinerated this time unless someone comes to our rescue.

Epaminondas said...

Anon.. when the line is crossed every democrat and progressive will clamor to extinguish the enemy with the wrath of those whose principles of human systems have been betrayed

We have ALWAYS had the means.

We always lacked the reason and the leadership at the same time, and that includes Bush.

Anonymous said...

Your keyboard to God's eyes.