Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fruits Of Moloch ...

... are death and destruction.

Those who follow the strictures of Allah, as encoded in Sharia, always produce the same fruits.

As the Taliban did in Afghanistan, so they have done in Swat Valley.

Pakistan city centre 'destroyed'

The scale of the war damage to the main city in the Swat valley has become clear, as fears are expressed about the humanitarian situation in the region.

Taliban rebels were driven out of Mingora on Saturday by Pakistan government troops.

The defence secretary says operations in the whole Swat valley region should end in the next few days, though military chiefs are more cautious.

A BBC correspondent who went to Mingora has reported widespread damage.

Rifatullah Orakzai, reporting for the BBC's Urdu Service, said that all the buildings and shops in the town square had been completely destroyed.

However, local people have now been able to seek supplies in the town's market after the lifting of a curfew.

Pakistan's army said essential services were being restored to the city.

The International Red Cross said it was "gravely concerned" by the humanitarian situation in Swat.

Water and electricity were not available, there was no fuel for generators, most medical facilities had stopped operating and food was scarce, it said.

Damage in Mingora, 31 May, 2009
The fighting has reduced large parts of Mingora to rubble

"The people of Swat need greater humanitarian protection and assistance immediately," said Pascal Cuttat, head of the organisation's delegation in Pakistan.

Fawad Hussein, of the United Nations office for the co-ordination of humanitarian affairs, said:

"Since there is no electricity supply, the wells are not working. People are forced to use alternative water sources, which is causing water-borne diseases. There is no electricity in any of the health facilities."

Some 2.5 million people have fled their homes since military operations began in Swat more than a month ago.


andre79 said...

Where are the "peace rallies" and the calls of "genocide"?


Pastorius said...

Hey, we'll all agree to ignore it while the Jihadists threaten to destroy all shreds of civilization.

Abu Abdullah said...

The crucial point that needs to be emphasized is that Swat is the future of the West playing out now in a different part of the world if the West continues on its present course. Most Westerners are too ignorant and fat and happy to make that connection.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, that was my point.