Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Police Forces Perform Illegal Search And Seizure Via AT&T

From BabbaZee:

The suspect was utilizing his cell phone to communicate this information. Detective Joe Zblewski initiated a GPS track of the suspects cell phone by initiating an AT&T Exigent Circumstances Form (which is faxed to AT&T), which is a formal request to AT&T to track the location of the cell phone being used by our suspect. This process uses triangulation of cell towers signals, and can determine the location of cell calls being made from a specific cell phone. We received communication from AT&T, through this process, that the calls being made from our suspect were originating from within 2700 block of E. Carpenter Ave.
OK... so, within minutes law enforcement has obtained an unusual and exigent circumstances waiver to locate you, however this power was not granted to them by a judge or a court ~
but by a CORPORATION... via fax!

An AT&T Exigent Circumstances Form.

Think about 
that shit for a bit.

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