Friday, May 29, 2009

How to ensure the Israelis buy and improve the MI-28 from Russia, Chapter 1

Administration blocks helicopters for Israel due to civilian casualties in Gaza

Government sources said the administration has held up Israel's request for the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter. The sources said the request was undergoing an interagency review to determine whether additional Longbow helicopters would threaten Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

You mean the folks who voted by 60% plus to get HAMAS, which wants all jews in Israel (and probably everywhere) dead as their govt?

"During the recent war, Israel made considerable use of the Longbow, and there were high civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip," a source close to the administration said.

And in a parallel story from July 1945, Boeing representatives have stopped deliveries of B-29's to the Army Air Force due to high civilian casualties in Nagoya, and Tokyo when the smell of burning flesh could be detected inside the bombing aircraft.

The Israel Air Force has also requested U.S. permission to integrate the Spike extended-range anti-tank missile into the AH-64D. Spike ER, developed by the state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has a range of eight kilometers and was installed on the Eurocopter Tiger and AgustaWestland A129 helicopters.

The sources said the deployment of Spike would require integration into the Longbow's millimeter-wave fire control and acquisition system. They said this would require permission from both Boeing and the U.S. government.

Israel's Defense Ministry and air force have discussed procurement of additional Longbows with the U.S. firm Boeing. But the sources said the Longbow as well as other defense requests have been shelved by the administration amid its review of the potential use of American weapons platforms by Israel.

The Russians WILL sell to anyone. The Israelis ARE fighting for their lives.

If we want to see the IAF buy Mil helicopters from Russia and make them equal to anything we have with Israeli ELINT, targeting, and weapons...this is certainly the way to ensure it.



Total said...

The Israelis could do wonders by modifying an advanced attack helicopter like the Mi-28 Havoc. Who needs the Longbow when there are other legitimate options available. The Indians have shown time and time again how they can drastically improve their force multipliers by modifying their Russian weaponry with Israeli technology. Other options for Israel are the Kamov Ka-50, Augusta A129 Mangusta, and Eurocopter Tiger.

e of usa said...


I have no doubt the Israelis will tweek the Mi-28 into a fine machine, but it will still be UUUGGGGLLLLYYYYY. If that was a car, I'd say, "someone magnetized it and drove it through the JC Whitney catalog."