Saturday, May 30, 2009

Giving BHO The Finger

From this blog by Gerald Warner, at the Telegraph:
Barack Obama: all the bad guys are giving President Pantywaist the finger


School's out! Suddenly it is playtime for all the naughtier elements in the more "reclusive" parts of the world who enjoy kicking Uncle Sam's butt...

So, what is the response of the Messiah in the Oval Office? Really severe rhetoric, is the answer....The word is out: the most powerful nation on earth has got itself a pussycat for a president and all the bad guys are queuing up to give him the finger.

It is a measure of Obama's acknowledged impotence that some of those who are now cheeking him are doing so with a degree of sophistication they had not previously exhibited. Irony and sarcasm are being deployed in an unlikely place: Tehran. It is the worst-kept secret in the world that Iran is dependent on North Korea for the development of its nuclear programme. When Kim last lit the blue touch-paper, in 2006, Tehran roundly supported him. This time the mullahs have come up with a more teasing ploy: they have righteously condemned him.


President Pantywaist's enemies are taking his measure and they are liking what they see. Perhaps, in some Macchiavellian way, Obama thinks the appointment to the Supreme Court of a Latina woman of apparent bias, who seems unlikely to find in favour of a white male American, will either appease or frighten his foes....
Meanwhile, I read today that BHO says that he has only "started."

God help us.

BHO is turning out to be much worse than even those with ODS ever uttered or imagined. Anybody else here at IBA feel that way?


WC said...

I think we have our first post-modern, effeminate, metrosexual President - god help us!

At least Jimmah Carter had the balls to fight off that killer rabbit.

midnight rider said...

I agree WC. The man in the Oval Office is acting very much like a mama's-boy. Afraid of confrontations. Someone wants to punch him in the nose and he runs and hides behind her skirt. Would rather suck up to the bullies than stand up to them, in hopes that they won't throw that punch. Even laugh when they tease him. Apologize when they say he did something he clearly didn't and threaten to knock him out.

And for awhile, they'll let hm hang around, to tease, make themselves feel bigger and stronger, have someone they can laugh at.

And then one day they're going to coldcock him.

Always On Watch said...

And then one day they're going to coldcock him.LOL.

I hope you're right about that.

I'm sick and tired of all the groveling over BHO.

Interesting that a UK blogger can see the truth about BHO. What the hell is wrong with AMERICANS, that so many of them can't see it?

Pastorius said...

Count me as one who thinks that he appears to be turning out worse than I thought he would, and I've been down on him from the beginning.

What is astounding to me about Obama is the sheer hubris of believing he doesn't have to play by any rules whatsoever. Whether that lack of respect for rules takes the form of nominating people for his cabinent who do not pay their taxes, or whether it's believing he can release state secrets on interrogation, or whether it's believing he can flaunt the rules of economics, he obviously believes he is above all law, man-designed and and natural.

midnight rider said...

This is one big power trip we'll be lucky to live through.

christian soldier said...

to answer your question-- Always- our education system has been a key to the demise of the US...and it was taken over -s_l_o_w_l_y by those who want power--
John Dewey and his friends met regularly at the turn of the last century 1900 ish- one of their;
Written intent
Verbally stated intent and
Followed through intent...
Was to take over the education of US children ...Does the Dewey Decimal System- (the library classification system) --ring a bell!?
I realized that I had been lied to via my education...Thus- I decided to homeschool my off-spring...
I am not giving up on this country!!

Always On Watch said...

he obviously believes he is above all law, man-designed and and naturalNewsweek has published some recent articles along those lines. The articles have stated how much BHO enjoys political power and shaping America in the image he has for our country.

Aren't you words, Pastorius, part of the definition of a tyrant?

It goes without saying now that BHO is a narcissist -- worse than most political leaders, I might add. Even left-leaning publications are alluding to his ego.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not giving up on America.

I am glad, however, that I'm as old as I am and don't have children.

You're right about what has happened to our educational system.

One of the keys to the founding of our nation was the education of the colonists. The educational buzz word today is "critical thinking," something our Founders clearly had mastered.

Dumb down the people enough via the present generation in school and what is left? Sheeple.

Epaminondas said...

Pasto ..I agree, this is WAY worse than I thought. The speed with which this is happening is amazing. Biden predicted "A TEST" .. how about OBAMA turning every situation red and critical via inability to accept reality and human nature

Everyone gets it, in the foreign domain except these people around Obama. Frankly I thought Rahm was a tough SOB, but he is a ZERO or worse.

Always On Watch said...

Okay. I'll ask the question.

How do we stop this descent?

Epaminondas said...

Draw attention
Publish and then ...

Nov 2010.

Make sure REALISTS are elected

Start now.
Anyone active in either party who is willing to open his or her mouth now in opposition HAS COJONES.

Always On Watch said...

Seems to be a shortage of cojones these days.

But I agree that 2010 is crucial. The last chance?

Pastorius said...

I thought Emanuel would be more pro-Israel, but I had little doubt he was among the more troubling of Obama's friends. I think I learned all I needed to know about Emanuel's fascist tendencies here: