Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anjem Choudhary Says, "British Government Sitting On Box of Dynamite"

The media clip here attempts (yes, ATTEMPTS) to show Muslims arguing with Choudhary, as if those arguing are "Moderate Muslims".

But, listen to what the guy in the blue hoodie is saying (in support of the women who is also arguing). What he is saying is, "Why would we declare Sharia in a non-Muslim country. Why? Why?".

So this kid and the woman are not against Sharia law. They just think we need to wait until there are more Muslims before we declare Sharia.

That's what passes for Moderation.

Fuck those two. Send them back to the Sharia shithole of their choice.

Anyone who approves of Sharia, get the fuck out of the West.

The full 5 minute bloviation of Mr. Choudary is here

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