Friday, May 29, 2015

Canadian Rag, National Post, Advocates For Sharia in Schools

You've Come a Long Way, Sharmuta
Using false analogies and a plethora of other logical absurdities, they try and convince us all that women should abandon the rights they fought hard for and return to a modest dress in a way that is culturally sensitive I suppose, while muslims of course should feel free to wear whatever face or head cloths they wish even though they are uniforms specifically stating their belief in a supremacist, intolerant, violent and dangerous credo. 
Today, on one of the talk shows on Ottawa’s CFRA AM radio, I was informed that many people felt that a uniform was a good thing, as some of the kids would have designer clothes and others would not and that would make them feel bad so all kids should have to dress the same, except the muslim kids of course. And now we know why communists and muslims work so well together in an infidel land where there is personal choice. Because both commies and mustards hate freedom and resent people who made different choices that led to visibly better outcomes.

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"You've come a long way, sharmuta"...heh!