Thursday, May 21, 2015

ISIS Releases "Cubs of the Caliphate" Photo of Children Parading a Severed Head

From Faith Freedom International:
The Islamic State social networking site has a photo showing a child holding a severed head amid a gathering of other children, which was tweeted and went viral with an attached phrase that said “This is how the cubs of the Caliphate are raised up”, boasting of this heinous act. 
It should be noted that it is not the first time that such boast is made in which the heads of victims are being carried by children. An Australian Muslim child held in his hand the heads of severed Syrian troops. 
The head of the Shariah judge of the General brigades “Hawks of Sham,” had been carried by children after the ISIS killed him. 
This image comes after the disclosure that the children are being trained to kill in the name of religion, in the framework of the preparation of the Islamic state raising a generation of fighters to rid the world of “infidels”.


The Last English Prince said...

Over the last several months I have seen multiple images of child recruits for the Islamic State.

These images should send shock waves through normal individuals. The children are being conditioned to hate, kill, ambush and loot.

These are images of child endangerment on mass scale. At one point I began to delete some images from my files because viewing them caused me too much emotional distress.

Pastorius said...

Sadly, after 13 years of doing this, such images do not cause me distress.

Pastorius said...

At this point, I accept it as a fact of life that Islamonazis are demons.