Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Time To Nuke Them: China builds islands hundreds of miles from its coast and claims their airspace and waters as territorial China

Really, seriously, FUCK CHINA.

Nuke 'em.


Redneck Texan said...

You know my initial reaction to Chinese aggression in the Spratlys was hostile as well.

This is really about China fabricating a mineral rights claim outside their logical economic exclusion zone.

The basis of our official argument is that we are insuring commercial navigation of international waters, but China is not, and for their own benefit would not, do anything that would threaten commercial traffic in this region as most traffic here is Chinese exports.

This base's purpose is to keep Vietnam and the Philippines from building off shore oil platforms in the newly discovered underwater oil fields.

And really, I have a problem with my tax dollars being spent to help Vietnam or the Philippines when the people of both those nations were both adamantly opposed to the US having military bases on their soils back before China started asserting itself in areas they considered their own fisheries.

Neither nation would piss on us if we were on fire, why should we fight their battles now.

It doesn't really matter to me which of the 3 belligerent, America hating nations profits from the oil fields, but only one of them currently keeps my local Walmart's shelves stocked full of cheap shit.

IF our surveillance overflights lead to shots being fired, we could take the islands as easily as the Chinese could destroy our bases in Okinawa and Guam.

Personally, I wouldn't fuck with China in the South China Sea just because we can, at this point in time in which we are concentrating our resources in the Muslim world. i'd let China's neighbors, who currently have the luxury of spending very little percentages of their GNP on Defense, worry about checking Chinese aggression in the region. I'm tired of subsidizing their interests so they dont have to.

If China was building an Island in the Gulf of Mexico It would be worth the risk of having our cities and military bases nuked in return to remove them. But they are not. We are the ones that fly spy missions 12 miles of their coastline. We are the ones that have submarines regularly patrolling their waters. We are the ones that have spaceplanes parked next to their satellites.

We're fuckin' with them enough already. If we going to attack any Chinese installation it should be their cyber-warfare facilities in downtown Bejing, it is attacking our interests, not this indefensible man made island base.

Pastorius said...

On the other hand, should we start a precedent of backing down to China?

Redneck Texan said...

I hear you dude ..... but we started backing down to China a long time ago.

When they started sending men and equipment across the Yalu river into Korea and overpowering American forces, MacArthur threatened to nuke their ass, back when we had nukes and china didn't, and Truman nuked MacArthur instead.

We threw away thousands of American lives, and have to live in a world with a Nuclear armed North Korea today because our parents backed down to China.

That's were the precedent was set.

Pastorius said...

Thanks for educating me, RT.