Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Pope Did, Indeed, Call Abbas an "Angel of Peace"

Did the pope tell Mr. Abbas “You are an angel of peace,” as many news outlets, including the main Italian news agency ANSA, The Associated Press and The New York Times, reported? 
That phrasing pleased Palestinians but infuriated some Israelis and Jewish leaders around the world. 
Or was the pope encouraging Mr. Abbas with the words, “May you be an angel of peace,” as other major Italian news media, like La Repubblica and La Stampa, reported, a formulation that suggested more exhortation than commendation, and sounded better to pro-Israeli ears. 
It all seemed to boil down to the difference between the verb “sei,” Italian for “you are,” and “sia,” which means “may you be.” Pro-Israeli advocates were quick to pick up on the discrepancies, but Vatican officials did little to clarify the matter.

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Kid said...

What is wrong with this pope? On board with the climate thingamabob scam too.