Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thoughts of a Rational Man


That's the description of what I call the 21st Century Freak Show.

It seems all rationality in discourse has disappeared in a haze of Leftist stupdidity and incompetence.

But first this:

After a slew of sexual assault scandals involving Greek life, Wesleyan administration ordered all fraternities to admit women as members. If they refused, they would get kicked out of their residence and lose their right to function as a student organization.

Read that again and tell me if one belives there is slew of chicken killings in the hen house by foxes, why would one want to have the foxes reside there?

But I digress.

Here's the headlines that I want to discuss.

Detroit starts shutting off people's water again...

UN warns violates residents' human rights...

What the ability to pay one's bills has to do with 'human rights' is absolutely ridiculous. But that's how the Left thinks.
In more rationale times in our country, the proper discourse would be….
It’s a shame people can’t pay their legally accrued bills. It’s a shame that such basic needs of people should be halted because of one’s lack of payment.
Instead of threatening those that have the right to ask payment for service, a more rational discourse would be to find ways for these unfortunate souls to get the financial means to pay their bills. At one time there were charities and churches that helped those in need. But now there are threats and lawsuits from organizations whose its no business of theirs.
So much we have lost over the last decades and so little has been gained.
When you lose the ability to have rational discourse you lose the ability to solve problems.  As the Japanese used to say...fix the problem not the blame.

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