Friday, April 29, 2016

Fox News Host Blames Trump Camp for Mexicans Beating Supporters and Flipping Cop Cars

Here are a few of Martha’s outrageous accusations:
 “As Trump supporters and Trump protesters clashed out there… At one point a fight broke out when a Trump supporter tried to get his hat back… There’s also a report though where there was one incident where a man who was holding a Mexican flag was surrounded by Trump supporters and they were shouting at this man who was surrounded… Is that something that you condone? And what is the campaign doing to try to lower the temperature a little bit?


midnight rider said...

She and Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson have a hard time hiding their anti-Trump bias tho Kelly has been a little better lately. Hannity O'Reilly Judge Jeanine and Van Sustern show a pro Trump bias or at least more neutral.

Always On Watch said...

The Trump spokeswoman in this video did very well with her responses. Who is she, and what is her background?

Pastorius said...

Her name is Katrina Pierson. She used to be a leader of the Tea Party in Texas. Pete Rowe told me about her.

midnight rider said...

She's actually a very effective spokesperson for Trump. Holds her ground and doesn't get rattled.

And she's pretty hot, too.


Epaminondas said...

Trump supporters are uncovered meat, people. WAKE UP.

If you are Trump supporter and walking around, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

Epaminondas said...

Anyone else thinks Katrina Pierson stands in front of a mirror while she has people sneak up at random and stick pins in her so she can hold a neutral face?

Either that or she is just head with a T1 line to Trump servers

She will be perfect for WH press sec

'Is it true you were one of the five sluts fucking Cruz, Ms Pierson?'

'Oh, Rachel, you know I will never tell.'

Camera zooms in to show the ends of Pierson's lips are a perfect horizontal line at all times

Pastorius said...

I was just telling TLEP about her the other day on the phone. I have been very impressed.