Saturday, April 30, 2016

In A Move Emblematic of the Entire Anti-Trump Movement, Glenn Beck Rolls Face in Cheetos to "Look Like Trump"

The whole fucking Conservative anti-Trump/NeverTrump movement is collectively rolling their face in Cheestos.


We Conservatives have supposedly been looking for leaders who would do something about Illegal Immigration and Islamic Immigration for decades.

Whenever the people have been polled, or whenever they have voted, they have shown themselves to be overwhelmingly in favor of ending Illegal Immigration.

We've elected leaders who have promised to do something.

And it never gets done.

Finally we have a guy who is putting our will first, promising to build the fucking wall BEFORE anything else. Top priority.

And what does the GOP do? They go nuclear on him.

They've done everything they can to stop him.

But again, as in the past, the voters will not be thwarted. Trump will end up being President.

Meanwhile, yeah, THIS:

So, GOP, Cuckservative Pansies, all of you, YOU MAY THINK GLENN BECK IS NUTZ,





Always On Watch said...




midnight rider said...

Fucking assinine shitbird.

Beck has not only become irrelevant he has become a caricature of his old drunken self.

Pastorius said...

I would not be surprised if he has relapsed. His behavior is disgusting and pathetic.

But then again, so is the behavior of the rest of the NeverTrump-wanna-get-in-the-rump cucks in the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Watching that pathetic video, it's important to NOT overlook Becks mates who not only encouraged him, they too participated in this immature display and then intentionally broadcasted this video. WTH were they thinking?! Back in the day the men in white coats would have taken these guys to the funny farm - where stunts like that were expected and appropriately medically treated with medication and restraints.

Always On Watch said...

Yeah, it's not only Beck!

Always On Watch said...

We Conservatives have supposedly been looking for leaders who would do something about Illegal Immigration and Islamic Immigration for decades.

And many Conservatives, with whom you and I have stood shoulder to shoulder, repudiate a guy who is putting our will first.

I have to ask myself, "Did these allies ever really mean the things they said?"

Granted, I have reservations about Trump. He's not the perfect candidate.

But who else running for POTUS in 2016 is addressing these matters about which we've typed our fingers to the bone and also invested out personal treasure -- including hours upon hours of our time?

The Last English Prince said...

This looks like a drunken Greek Row party trick after consuming too many jello shots. Rapes of females to follow. What the hell is wrong with Beck? Is he snorting?

I need to see if Trump has an alternative venue tonight for the White House Correspondent's Dinner. I agree with Trump. The media clowns are dishonest and disgusting.

Pastorius said...

By the way, above, my comment was supposed to read:

the NeverTrump-wanna-get-it-in-the-rump cucks in the GOP.

midnight rider said...

AoW -- these allies were never really allies. We've been had.

Trump had better not be a BOHICA.

Epaminondas said...

I like to go shopping early in the AM on days I drop Mrs Epa off at the teacher car pool. Then, off I go. By the time I get out, Beck is on the radio (9-12).

I thought it pretty good entertainment.
It was.
I had to stop listening. Now it's Mike and Mike on ESPN radio.

Beck is WHACKED. I felt to listen to him was to see someone with real problems as a comedian because he followed some kind of ideology off the cliff INCLUDING buying the god reasons for Cruz. Now I was listening to a person who had real entertainment gifts under an umbrella of politics, but who turned out to be insane, and lo and behold it was that insanity which was entertaining.

BTW, does HE, like Bickle and Cruz await the conversion of the Jews?

What would BECK say if Judaism taught Jesus WILL return at the behest of YWHW and tell everyone 'I thought myself a fine rabbi and awesome revolutionary leader, but that's it, I await your conversion to Judaism'

That's why plopping faith into politics is so dangerous and why I have been compelled by such supporters to conclude IT HAS NO PLACE in all this.

Beck needs to get on track with the idea that the people decide, and accept that. INCLUDING errors.

Or, of course, he'll be replaced by Mantovani's greatest hits. But Mike and Mike will still be there

Nicoenarg said...


Always On Watch said...

BTW, does HE, like Bickle and Cruz await the conversion of the Jews?

I don't know.

But I found this via a quick Google search:

“When you hear that your zayde, who died in Auschwitz, has become a Mormon, well, baruch ha-shem!” — blessed be God! — “that’s just what he always wanted.”

It was Thursday morning, and Moshe Waldoks, rabbi of Temple Beth Zion, in Brookline, Mass., was reacting to the news that at least one Mormon was still baptizing Holocaust victims. He was joking, of course, as one might expect from a co-editor of “The Big Book of Jewish Humor.” Rabbi Waldoks hastened to add that his zayde, or grandfather, had never heard of Mormons.

Although the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promised in 1995 to stop including Holocaust victims in its ritual, the church admitted last week that Anne Frank had been “baptized” in a Mormon church in the Dominican Republic. On Wednesday, The Boston Globe reported that Daniel Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal who was kidnapped and killed by terrorists in Pakistan in early 2002, was baptized last June in Twin Falls, Idaho; Mr. Pearl was Jewish....

More information at the above link.

Always On Watch said...

This, from the same link, also pertains:

In proxy baptism, a living Mormon immerses himself or herself in a baptismal font on behalf of a dead person. A church spokesman, Michael Otterson, said Friday that the ritual was done in the spirit of love, and that people’s souls were free not to become Mormons.

“The sentiment is one of inclusiveness and reaching out, that God loves all his children,” Mr. Otterson said. “We make this offering to them, and they have the agency in the next life to accept or reject the offering.”

Church policy is that people baptize only their own dead relatives, hence the baptism of Anne Frank and Mr. Pearl both violated church policy.

Always On Watch said...

Another link:

Mormons Still Baptizing Dead Jews Despite Agreements to End Practice

Epaminondas said...

I hereby declare (since in Hebrew my name is KING OF THE HIGH PRIESTS) Glenn Beck to be a member of the Tribe, and will go to hell if he mentions Jesus again.
(Even though it is never mentioned in the Torah ... maybe it's a place he will have to listen to Maddow and Larry O'Donnell reruns forever, interspersed with Obama's inaugural and state of the union speeches).

On the other hand if he refrains as I have commanded he will enjoy fishing and swimming with Rafael Cruz (if Cruz smartens up last chance Raffy, you are warned)

Jefferson was right.

God is good.

Organized religions are awful.

What a joke.

midnight rider said...

"Jefferson was right..."