Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Oh, For God's Sake


Anonymous said...

Slip of the tongue. Easily forgiven especially given the number and pace of his campaign stops. In any case, the WTC site was still smoldering the July following 9/11 and countless exhausted workers continued to carefully and diligently sift through the skeletal remains and ashes of the twin towers and surrounding debris for any remaining fragments of the lives taken that fateful day...fragments for desperate surviving family members so they could bring some closure to the questions about their missing loved ones. To this day, those who sifted through those ashes - many are dying from the damage done to their respiratory systems during those efforts. I doubt those sifting thru the towers debris will hold this slip of the tongue against Trump. NEVER FORGET. NEVER FORGIVE.

Nicoenarg said...

This is news for ABC now? So every time there's a typo or a misspoken word, it must be video taped and shown around the world?

The guy's spoken about September 11 so many times that you have to be living under a rock to think he doesn't know the correct date.