Thursday, April 28, 2016

US Marine Court-Martialed for Posting Bible Verse on Her Desk



The Last English Prince said...

My speculation:

She was not court martialed for posting a Bible verse. She was court martialed for refusal to follow a lawful command and probably a lesser included offense of insubordination, based on the UCMJ.

Good order and discipline is the hallmark of a professional standing army. I was honored to serve for many years. I thrived under chain of command.

I believe that once we put on the uniform we have less freedom of expression when representing the U.S. government because our rank/rate burdens us as servants of the state. We are essentially under ownership. Our I.D. identifies us as government property. Our speech is free, but restrained, diplomatic, and cautious.

While Ms. Sterling has my sympathy, I must note that she did not stand up to a weapon, she stood up to an arsenal. She did not pick her battle wisely.

Seated as part of the convened panel, I would have most likely supported a court martial.

Pastorius said...

I think you are probably right.

christian soldier said...

my question---- are muslims in our military being treated the same or - are they 'allowed' to have prayer rugs and time off to pray using them!!<>>>>

I understand the military and orders but- are muslims excluded?

Just asking