Monday, April 25, 2016

Missouri: Muslim migrant threatens to kill family that sponsored him, faces deportation

From Jihad Watch:
PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — A 25-year-old Libyan man, who Platte County prosecutor alleged is part a terrorist organization, pleaded guilty to two felonies Thursday. 
Ali Swei pleaded guilty to aggravated stalking and attempted stealing by coercion. Prosecutors say he threatened to kill the family that was sponsoring him and threatened their relatives in Libya. 
Prosecutors add that Swei threatened to harm the Libyan immigrant family he was staying with if they did not pay him $30,000. 
A member of that family, who did not want FOX 4 to show his face because he has been threatened since Swei’s arrest, says he believes the guilty pleas will result in Swei’s deportation. 
“I am so relieved for my family, it`s really been a roller coaster especially for my wife,” the man said. 
“It`s really heartbreaking it`s nervousness she doesn`t sleep she has nightmares. She`s worried all the threats hopefully are never-never no family will ever go through what we have gone through.” 
In pleading guilty, Swei’s lawyer, Andrew Christie, denied that the Libyan student is part of a terrorist organization. 
Christie claims that FBI reports show that the government has no interest in Swei as a danger. But he also declined to comment on Swei’s immigration status. 
As part of a plea deal, Swei was placed on probation for 4 years and his sentence suspended. 
The judge also said the guilty pleas could prevent Swei from becoming a citizen, permanent resident or result in his deportation.

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