Thursday, April 21, 2016

UNESCO Attempts a Symbolic Coup: Renames Western Wall, "Al-Buraq Plaza"

From The Last English Prince:
It is not a coincidence that UNESCO has adopted a resolution which refers to the Western Wall by a new name: al-Buraq Plaza 
Of mules and myth 
The title is dripping with the symbolic sentimentalism which accompanies two additional Arabic terms, israa’ and mi’raaj (I choose to use the Sunni spelling). 
The word israa’ refers to the night journey which Prophet Muhammad took to Jerusalem. 
The mi’raaj was the space shuttle (or maybe it was a giant sling shot?) which transported him from Jerusalem through the seven heavens and into the presence of Allah. 
But to arrive at Jerusalem, Muhammad hopped onto an animal known as Buraq, taken from the Arabic word for a flash of lightening (Barq). 

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Epaminondas said...

Just rename UNESCO, OIC World Education and have done with it