Friday, April 22, 2016

Merkel ally admits multiculturalism has ‘FAILED’ as he calls for Islamist eviction

A KEY ally of embattled Angela Merkel has admitted multiculturalism has “failed” and called for radical Islamists to be booted out of Europe.

A key Merkel ally has branded multiculturalism ‘failed’

Prominent German politician Andreas Scheuer said it was time for his country’s bungling leader to “put an end to this integration romance” and take a tough new stance on Islamic extremism.
His comments came as one of Mrs Merkel’s own MPs proposed banning all foreign funding for German mosques to stop the spread of Islamic State’s (ISIS) hate-filled ideology.

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Anonymous said...

Merkel herself said:

And reaffirmed it in 2015:

And according to this other WAPO article, Merkel is 1. completely ignorant of history and Islam, or 2. has a mental condition by which she dissociates actual facts and present day reality. Either way: you are absolutely right. She is destroying Western civilization.