Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Economic Reality

From this article in the NY Post, dated April 30, 2016:
...Americans are angry because they don’t care about the statistical noise — they care about what they see with their own eyes.

True, there may have been 15 million new jobs created during the Obama administration — which, on the surface, is laudable. But that’s about half what was needed to both absorb newcomers to the workforce and those who were laid off over the past decade and would like to return.


One last statistic, from Sentier Research. Median annual household income in the US reached $57,263 this past March, which was 4.5% higher than in March 2015.

But — and here’s where the anger comes in — this March’s figure is still slightly below the $57,342 median annual income in January 2000.

January 2000!

Americans haven’t gotten a raise in more than 16 years.

Statistical noise doesn’t just confuse economists and politicians. It also drowns out the sound of people complaining.
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Epaminondas said...

It's all under the VERY, EXCEEDINGLY, EXISTENTIALLY threatening symptom -


The anger means we have lost faith in our institutions and those at the helm of them, but NOT in ourselves .


If that spirit is broken, don't call me, I'll be on the beach on Vanuatu grilling fish I killed with my spear and having tarot on the side.

There'll be no point in hanging around here, because America will be fucking ZOMBIE