Thursday, February 09, 2006

EU And UN Move To Give Away Free Speech

Both the EU and the UN are considering banning "religious defamation."

Here's the info about the EU:

LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday.

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said the charter would encourage the media to show “prudence” when covering religion.

“The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression,” he told the newspaper. “We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right.”

And here's the scoop on the UN:

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan scolded the media on Thursday for continuing to publish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad and defended an attempt by Islamic nations to have a new U.N. human-rights council address religious defamation.

Atlas comments:

Is this dhimmi living in Dar Al-Islam insisting we live there too? I have never heard Kofi Enema ever speak to the Jew hating cartoons or editorials or Christian bashing that goes on daily in the Muslim world. This hypocrite has GOT TO GO.

People, our leaders are talking about giving away our Freedom of Speech. This will include all sorts of expression.

Think about this: Writing is the way we order our thoughts. When we write we are able to construct larger ideas than we can when we just let thoughts meander in our heads. Almost anytime anyone wants to create anything, they begin by putting their thoughts down on paper.

The Freedom of Speech is not just about cartoons, it is about being able to think clearly.

We can not allow our leaders to do this to us.

Considering that religion can be among the most oppressive forces on Earth, religion above all needs to be critized. We have to have the right to criticize religion. We can not relinquish this.


Dag said...

We cannot stand still and admire our acheivements in the realm of democracy and free public expression. Nor can we allow a retreat of even one step. I fight for Derek's site daily, not because I like his site more than any other but because he is under attack by those who would shut him down too. Not fighting for Derek, not fighting for each and every person posting whatever legal thing he chooses to post is a retreat, and the freedom of expression will recede till our place to shout freely is some mountaintop in Iceland.

I continue to promote Derek's graphic because it is a slap in the face of censorship. It is a finger poked in the chest of the bullies. I urge all to spread his work, to fight back in this legal and peaceful way.

There is Derek yesterday, Blueslord today, and maybe you tomorrow. No compromise. No retreat. No appeasement. Fight back with some real fury. Post and paste Derek's graphic, regardless of how you feel about the image itself. All of this is improtant not because of Derek's artistic abilities,but because if we retreat here we'll retreat there and soon we will be in a full run.

Derek's graphic is at:

You'll have to agree that you will look at his work, by-passing the warning Google has slapped on his site. Shame on them. Fight back.

von Schlichtningen said...

This is an outrage and might very well happen to anybody, that dares not to be political correct.

Here is the real danger of the cartoon crisis. A limitation of freedom.

Google has as far as I know not closed any blogs yet. But it has started warning about so called hate filled blogs. See this one: The Study of Revenge

Anonymous said...

from one british newspaper today...,,2-2006060507,00.html,,2-2006060584,00.html,,2-2006060518,00.html,,2-2006060531,00.html,,2-2006060526,00.html

expose islam any way you can.

Pastorius said...

Dag, I have linked to Dereks stuff on more than one occasion already.

Jason Pappas said...

"The Freedom of Speech is not just about cartoons, it is about being able to think clearly."

So true.

"Considering that religion can be among the most oppressive forces on Earth, religion above all needs to be critized. We have to have the right to criticize religion. We can not relinquish this."

Hear, hear!

In general, ideas are powerful. Good ideas help us grasp reality and create a civilized society. Bad ideas will blind us to reality, corrode our souls, and create monstrous societies. To exempt any idea for critical scrutiny, a priori, is the most dangerous course of action any society can take.

Anonymous said...

I have heard the term 'responsible reporting' too many times coming from people who should certainly know better.

I can't think of a more responsible purpose of a news agency than to expose the viciousness and intolerance of a insular group living in our midst. That is news of a most signficant nature and it's reporting is more than responsible - it is requisite to the preservation of our guaranteed freedoms.

Freedom of Expression is a primary right in western civilization and is not to be bargained away to appease an asocial element of our neighbourhoods.

I am also wondering about the source of the phrase "Islam, The religion of Peace"? Where does that come from? It certainly doesn't originate in the Koran. Mohammad uses peace as an expedient of delay to marshall forces to overpower by violence the infidels.

I am disgusted that so many US news reporting agencies have refused to print the cartoons 'out of respect for Islam'. Where is their respect for the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Islam is NOT The Religion of Peace and it certainley is not The Religion of Tolerance.

CD 'Bar' Baric

Jason Pappas said...

Yes, quite true, CD.

Few are taking note of the fact that the cartoons are true. I ask: what can be more reponsible than speaking the truth?

Manuel I Comnenus said...

First Europe will give away its Freedom of Speech to the Muslims, then its Freedom of Religion. I wonder what color burqas the girls are wearing in Marseilles this season?
Stop the madness!
Don't cave in to Islamic terror!

Pastorius said...

Thanks for that Constantine.


I would also love to know where that phrase came from.

Eb9ara7a and his Wife said...

It is our right to know what your stance would be if someone were to have the same shameless audacity with prophet of the Jews or your prophet if you happen to have one.

Even though we are capable of doing or saying much more than what you’ve said and done regarding the religion you glorify and the things you believe to be sacred. Our religion teaches us that we must respect and believe in ALL prophets and there scriptures: (we do not differentiate between any of the messengers).

Therefore we will not take you as role models and stoop to your level

Dag said...

Thanks, Pastorius, for all of your efforts in this regard, which all of us appreciate here.

I suggest that we do not appease, that we do not sit passively, that we do not merely argue, that we do not simply protest: I argue that we push so hard that the rotten carcass of Islam fals by the wayside for the roaches to feast on till there's nothing left but the dry bones of it.

No compromise. Only fighting til there are no more believers in the fascist poliigion. Push, shove, ram Islam till it falls down and is no more. No moderation, not temper, no decency in this struggle. Muslims cut off people's heads with kitchen knives. The stab children to death. The blow up diners and busses. They kill people at random. They are a madness and a menace. Nothing is too hard in the struggle to destroy Islam.

Caroon? If that helps the cause, then many cartoons everywhere all the time.

Mohammed was a theif and a rapist and akiller. His followers are scum. We send out cartoons. Then let's do it right. Send out ten today, and ten more tomorrow, and never stop till Muslims are buried in cartoons.

Pastorius said...

Eb, etc.

I am a Christian, and this site is called Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism. (CUANAS)

I abhor cartoons which make fun of Christ, and cartoon that make fun of Jews. However, I defend peoples right to create such cartoons, and their right to publish them.

It's called Freedom of Speech.

Did you not read my argument?

JMJ said...

eb9ara7an said..."It is our right to know what your stance would be if someone were to have the same shameless audacity with prophet of the Jews or your prophet if you happen to have one."


I was raised Catholic and Jesus is our most holy messenger from God or Allah. My stance is that this cartoon of a Jesus bomber offends me. We non-muslims may get offended and boycott or burn flags or go to court or whatever but we do NOT kill because of being offended.

Being offended DOES NOT give ANYONE the right to KILL or THREATEN TO KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Period!

The Religion of PEACE uses VIOLENCE when insulted. Does that not seem like a contradiction to you?

"Our religion teaches us that we must respect and believe in ALL prophets and there scriptures."

So does ours. I remember something from Jesus, another prophet highly respected by Islam, that said something about "turning the other cheek". How do you explain how two prophets from Allah could have two significantly different messages?

The Muslim violence and threats of suicide bombers/death threats are now demonstrating quite nicely where the cartoonist's idea of showing Mohammed with a bomb on his head originated from. I don't believe mankind had bombs back in the 7th century!
"Therefore we will not take you as role models and stoop to your level."

NO ONE is asking you to "take us as your role model". Using the free will that Allah gave each and every human being to make our own decisions is a basic element of democracy and freedom. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are extensions of those rights in a free and democratic society.

We Christians do not require Muslims to follow the rules of the Christian faith. Then why do Muslims insist that non-muslims must follow the rules of the Muslim faith?

Charles Martel said...

dont worry folks.
the EU has backtracked already

and anyway, we've got John Bolton to deal with the UN.
Now, wasn't that a smart move by Dubya to get his attack dog in there?
U.N. over-riding the 1st Amendment? - not a chance in hell.

Charles Martel said...

eb9ara7a -> do you guys cut and paste the same fucking stuff all day. i had the exact same thing pasted into my blog. are you all robots or something.. automaton droids who just cut and paste into blogs you disagree with?

oh wait. you are.

JMJ said...

I understand and agree with your points completely about an all out attack. In fact, I have said in the past that IBA should be more aggressive about posting more controversial cartoons and pictures.

But I have changed my mind because the situation has changed relative to IBA.

Not about continuing to oversaturate the world with very controversial cartoons. But in which vehicles are best in doing what. I think IBA has grown (in size and respectability) into a valuable vehicle of a slightly different kind. Still controversial (just not over the top) but also capable of dialogue with the moderate Muslims. We need a variety of vehicles for different purposes. We need the carrot(IBA) and the stick(Derek).

But also a carrot(IBA) that can hit someone over the head with it as well if needed.

I also think IBA is too important of a tool of education to make it a straw man blog, vulnerable to attacks by radical Muslims that are not interested in dialogue.

Yes, we are still VERY FAR way from any real meaningful dialogue. Probably years in the development. But it is starting. Only drops now when a full flow is what is needed. And to support your point, these first few drops are EXACTLY the result of the oversaturation of the world with cartoons (of all kinds, hard core and mild).

But there are now Muslims coming to IBA! Some radical, some moderate.
Rumy did get great taking Baghdad but then dropped the ball because there was no preparation or planning for the insurgency/post invasion rebuilding.

I see IBA as one of the first platoons of Marines into Bahgdad and now is setting up for the post invasion insurgency/rebuilding while the fight is still going on in taking Bahgdad. We are right at or just after the tipping point of success in this battle for Baghdad. If we still need more troops, bring them in from the rear. But don't neglect the planning for the insurgency/rebuilding phase (IBA) because we are still needing to finish this battle. There are not that many IBAs strategically placed to draw from. And it IS on the front lines.

There are MANY blogs and media outlets that can get the dirty work done and take the hits as a straw man.

IBA is still doing the dirty work and will need to continue to do it but not at the intensity level that others are more than capable of doing. There are not that many IBAs out there. It needs to not be placed in such a position of vulnerablity because its role has and will continue to change as dictated by what is happening in real time.

Let the individual blogs and regular media be the straw man.

Like Lincoln and you Dag, I too believe in taking the fight to the enemy with everything (100%) we've got. But is must also be well coordinated as to everyone's appropriate role to ensure the overall long term goal of victory.