Friday, February 10, 2006

Swedish Government Is Shutting Down Blogs That Post Mohammed Cartoons

It's the Dawn of Dhimmitude and the Twilight of Free Speech. Are we going to allow everything to go dark?:

According to Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish security services (Säpo), in collusion with Foreign Minister Leila Freivalds, have forced the website SD-Kuriren offline for publishing the Jyllands-Posten cartoons (SD-Kuriren is the house organ of the hard-right Swedish Democrats).

“We think that this was the best decision after we were contacted by the Foreign Ministry and Säpo,” Anna Larsson, vice president of hosting compant Levonline, told DN. Freivalds told DN that “it is terrible that a small group of extremists are exposing Swedes to danger [by reprinting the cartoons].”

Yes, people who publish cartoons are "extremists." I don't even have words for this today.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of other Dhimmified countries who are doing similar things.


JMJ said...

Unbelievable!!! I am speechless. What can be done? It must be specifically directed at Sweden or any of the other dimmi countries.

This is an outrage!!!

Let's hear ideas!! Its time for the blogosphere to go to work!!

Boycott Swedish goods and buy Danish?

JMJ said...

“We think that this was the best decision after we were contacted by the Foreign Ministry and Säpo,” Anna Larsson, vice president of hosting compant Levonline, told DN. Freivalds told DN that “it is terrible that a small group of extremists are exposing Swedes to danger [by reprinting the cartoons].”

The danger comes from the Muslim extremist! Not the bloggers. The chicken or the egg!!

Pastorius said...

A Boycott is a good idea. And a relentless campaign of ridicule is a good idea too, I think.

I don't know, I 'll have to think about it some more.

Anonymous said...

go to this site and give him a piece of your mind.

dont forget to flag his site aswell...

von Schlichtningen said...

Knowing Sweden it does not surprise me that much. For years the freedom of expression has been limited by political correctness in that country. Even the lightest criticism of Muslims has not been seen in Swedish media.

It is an outrage of course. Incomprehensible in a democracy with freedom of expression.

Mr. Selbekk the Norwegian editor of the newspaper that published the newspaper has today apologized saying he would never have published the cartoons had he known what he now knows after talking with Norwegian Muslims.

The same Muslims that has threatened to take him to court for treason against Norway causing Norwegian interests to be harmed. The Norwegian Prime Minister has also criticized Mr. Selbekk strongly.

On top of that Mr. Selbekk and his familiy has received numerous death threats and are living under police protection.

In Denmark at the height of the crisis the Danish Intelligence Service gave the Danes a thinly veiled threat to not demonstrate against radical Muslims as the Danish demonstrants would be considered radical right wing.

Our campaign here on the Internet has become of extreme importance. I would no longer be surprised to be shut down.

We must work together. Analyze, report and write.

The Fatwa Me! website gave me an idea, that could have some small importance.
What about creating a system for giving a kind of citation, medal, prize, what know I, for people who have done an extraordinary effort in the fight against radical Muslims. I think first of all of Mr. Rushdie, Mr. Pim, the Dutch movieinstructor, Jyllandsposten, the 12 cartoonist, the Norwegian editor, the 4 American editor and journalist giving up their jobs in protest, the Dutch and Norwegian 2 girls, the Moderate Muslims fighting Islamofascists and so on.

I suggest the prize shall be attributed by vote by invited media bloggers and media people who have contributed in this fight.

We could make a page or site for the purpose. Likewise we could give anti prizes, onions, to those in the Western world bowing to the radicals.

What do you think?

Our liberty is at stake!

von Schlichtningen said...

I am in shock. Momentarily I can not write about this on my blog.

JMJ said...

Good idea!! IBA already has such an award. The IBA (Winston Churchill) Golden Balls Award. Go back to some of the older posts and look. Pastorius did a great job in putting it together! It looks very professional!!

JMJ said...

If I understand correctly, it is one blog and one link on that blog. BUT this is a warning shot across the bow.

As Dag would say, we should have an all out response!! Nip this thing in the bud NOW as a warning for future governments!! They work for the people, NOT the other way around!!

von Schlichtningen said...

Good - then let us make the Golden Balls a prize of prestige. Let us make it an international prize of freedom.

von Schlichtningen said...

Let us all make this demand:

I/We ask the resignation of the entire Swedish government and that all ministers and all responsible government employees being placed in arrest until the case of suppression of freedom can be brought to court.

von Schlichtningen said...

The site of Sverigedemokraterne has been closed down:

Dag said...

My position is clear, but without context and details to show why my position is as it is I appear to many as an extremist. I'll take some time over the next while to clarify further and explain more deeply why I write the things I do and why I think others should examine this issue and approach it from the hard-line as I do.

Being somewhat academically inclined I like to think that I don't merely rant but that I provide a clear case for my arguments. I cannot expect anyone at this time to sit down and read through roughly 300 essays on The Counter-Enlightenment and Romance Origins of Left Dhimmi Fascism, my alternative title for my blog. If you will, take it so far on trust that I do have some insight into this situation, and that in the coming days I'll try to distill it into something we can all read quickly and come to a better understanding of. If there are challenges to my thesis I certanly welcome them. But consider that we don't have much time to make our counter-position clear to the world. As we see, we are losing ground daily. We have had atacks on Google's blooger system, Derek is flagged, and I am persona non grata at a site I have for nearly two years been a daily contributer to, of which I prefer to write nothing further.

To conclude, I'll post a synopsis of what practical measures we are taking to stop in the most practical ways we can the dhimmitude we are experiencing.

We held our third Blue Scarf meeting last night at McD. We discussed a wide range of topics, focused as much as possible on what we as private individuals can do to roll back dhimmitude and appeasement in our nations.

We are still few in numbers compared to the thousands the Muslims can bring out into the streets to wreck and burn, but we are growing stronger. There is a developing sense in the world that Islam is a menace to us all. We want to organise against it. We do so one to one at this point.

Our goal is to find a common platform from which we can speak as a united movement of human decency, a movement that will sweep across the world, a movement that cannot be stopped by savages with kitchen knives used to cut off men's heads.

Our third meeting came off nicely. We discussed the cartoon issue raging these recent days, and asked how we might turn it to our advantage. We looked at the numbers of visitors to ours sites, people who are interested in this issue, and of other sites who've picked up this issue themselves and run with it. My contribution was showing a day in which my blog alone got 3,000 visits; Derek, the man who produced the first graphic we use, is receiving an average of 3,500 visits per day for the past two weeks; and his work is spreading. People are paying attention, and they are expressing deep concern over the behaviour of Muslims and the nature of Islam.

Our question now is how to gather in more concerned citizens and how to organise an effective resistance to Islam in the West and how to roll it back and roll it out of the West. We focus on practicalities. We ask what people sitting at McD. can do the coming week to make it worse for Islam and better for us. As individuals in isolation we can do little but write letters, and to do that we might serve ourselves, our communities, and the world better by allowing for public "town hall" meetings.

It takes some personal initiative to move oneself to McD. and meet strangers for the sake of having a meeting. Often one sits alone. I've been fortunate in that Canadians are seem to be more motivated than Americans in this regard. However, even while Australians and the French outdo Americans in this gathering of the people to discuss jihad and dhimmitude, Americans can try to catch up. It will possibly take time to get the word out that this is not only important but workable. One might have to write notices and send out letters for weeks without a real response, sitting at McD. alone waiting for no one. But it will happen if those who are determined do the work of sitting.

We might well sit anyway, and the world of Islam will wash over us. It is our choice to act.

I'll post a report on our meeting later in this day.

I thank you for you time and interest.


kepiblanc said...

AnschlusSweden ?

Epaminondas said...

Boycott Volvo and Saab

Send back the creamed herring!

Anyone have a junker volvo for sledge hammer wmv?

von Schlichtningen said...

I am still stunned, but I have somehow managed to compose an answer:

War on Freedom

JMJ said...

What about a petition?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Dane and I live here in Denmark. So far we have not seen any blogs closed down, or any of the debate-forums. Let's hope it will continue to be that way!

The imams here in Denmark are trying constantly to get the Danish government to come to their assistance, but with no luck I'm happy to say.

The blogs and debate-forums here have been under hacker-attacks for weeks now, but all are up and running. And very active mind you :-)

In Denmark we have app. 200.000 muslims. Only about 15.000 of these muslims go to the Friday prayer! And not all of them do it every Friday.

So it is less than 10 percent of the muslims here in Denmark who are "hardcore" believers. I guess it's the same within most religions.

The total number of muslims in the world is varying according to whom you speak. Some say 900 million, others say up to as many as 1,5 billion. The formes Indonesian president said tonight that there was app. 900 million muslims in the world, and he estimated that only about 3 million of those were hardcore believers, and muslims that would take to the streets and incite hatred and violence.

I remember when the cartoons were published here in Copenhagen. I bought Jyllands Posten on that day, as I often do, and started to read the paper in the kiosk where I had bought it. The owner, whom I know well, is from Iran. When I got to the page with the pictures I showed them to him and asked him what he thought about them. He laughed and said that some of them depicted the situation quite well in some of the muslim countries, and how islam was seen by most people in the western countries. As he said: "Why do you think I'm here?" He was not the least offended I'm happy to say.

Perhaps what angers some of the muslims here in Europe, is that more and more people suddenly realise just how many things the muslims have managed to change in our societies over the past 30 years. The muslims have for many years been usige the "salami-method" meaning that they have taken thin slices all the time - so thin that allmost no one noticed what was going on. The tactic is very simple. Launch 3-5 new proposals that will benefit the muslims. Make sure one of them is sure to start a heated debate in the public and in the papers. Then, when people have their attention and eyes glued to this, one or more of the other proposals will pass in silence and unnoticed!

In Copenhagen we have app. 30 percent muslim pupils in the schools. In 49 of the schools in Copenhagen the pupils can buy a meal every day for app. 2 US $. In order not to offend the muslim pupils, it was decided back in 2001 that only halal meat was allowed in these schools! Pork meat is banned from these school kitchens! Did you know about this? I know that NeanderNews have just written about it. Thank you NeanderMan :-)

But there is more. When we Danes, and other non-muslims, goes to any ordinary supermarket and we want to buy a chicken, this is also halal slaughtered! It has been slaughtered according to the muslim way, and a muslim prayer have been said over each and every chicken!

At our Christmas dinner here in Denmark it is a tradition to eat either duck or geese. They too have been slaughtered according to the muslim rituals and come with a muslim prayer!

I take my Christmas duck straight to the local priest, and have it un-halali'fied! Two Ave Maria's and a candle - and Christmas is home safe :-)

Why should we Danes accept all this halal meat just because we have a minority of muslims here in Denmark that totals less than 10 percent?

Muslims talk so much about the freedom of religion and less of freedom of speech. They only know the former - not the latter!

In Denmark we have given them - the muslims - the freedom to practise their religion, and the freedom to speak. They have repaid us by imposing the muslim way of life, and are now trying to take away our freedom of speech, the freedom of speech they themselves have benefited so greatly from!

It is time to look very hard at, in just how many ways have the muslims in the western world paved their way for the implementation of their Sharia Laws, and other ways of imposing the muslim way of living.

So far in Denmark we have seen that they allready have their claws in our food!

Enough is enough! When muslims now have the powers to close websites it's high time to be very very alert!

And with their very high birthrates they will only grow in numbers a time goes by! Did you know that the Palestinian women have the highest birthrate in the world? The average number of children per Palestinian family is at present ten - 10 - children! And who is feeding them? Yes - the western world!

Hope you will find the above interesting - if not then I beg your pardon for having wasted your time ;-)

A tired Danish Elephant :-)

DS said...

Thanks Danish Anonymous! Sadly most people in Denmark (and government) now bow in fear, and it's going in the wrong direction :(