Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hand in Hand's Israeli Arab-Jewish Schools

Jews and Arabs studying together:
Every day more than 800 students, both Arabs and Jews, gather to learn at four schools in Israel located in Jerusalem, the Galilee Region, Wadi Ara, and Beer Sheva.


Unfortunately a school advocating co-existence between Arabs and Jews could not exist in areas governed by the Palestinians as the goal of Hamas (the terrorist group the Palestinians elected to lead them) is the total destruction of Israel. The Anti-Semitism Report weblog has more re: what is taught in Palestinian schools.

What must be overcome if peace is to be achieved (videos):

1. A 3 1/2 year old Egyptian girl shares what she has been taught: "We must teach our children to be good Muslims"

2. Just as Hitler fought the Jews...we should fight the Jews and burn them": Lebanese University Students illustrate what they have learned.

3. A Saudi "man-in-the-street type interview reveals quite a lot about educational objectives in that country: Would you shake hands with a Jew?

4. This sort of bigotry and stereotyping of Jews is not only taught in the schools, but is reinforced by anti-Semitic propaganda (often copied directly from that of Nazi Germany) that is found in much of the Arab & Iranian media.

5. Of course this sort of bigotry is present not only in schools in the Arab world, but even in some Arab-backed schools in the west. From a textbook in The King Fahd Academy in Britain: "The monkeys are the Jews; and the pigs: they are the Christian infidels at Jesus' table. Video.

6. Islamist propagandists are starting to make significant inroads in U.S. universities as well. Founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association, or MSA, now has chapters on nearly 150 college campuses across North America. Video: Jihad in Academia.

7. Many more videos, along with brief descriptions of each, may be found here: Recommended Videos.

8. Links to more articles and videos, by tag:
Anti-Semitism - Israel - Palestine - Palestinians - More videos.

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