Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arab News Sites Almost Silent on Mumbai

From Elder of Ziyon:

The top news story in the world is essentially invisible to the Arab press.

The Palestinian Arabic newspapers Firas Press and Palestine Press Agency don't mention the terror attacks in Mumbai. Ya Libnan has nothing, and neither does the Lebanon Daily Star or the Jordan Times. The Daily News Egypt is similarly silent.

The Saudi Arab News did have a story in today's edition, though.

And the Islamic Jihad mouthpiece Palestine Today has a brief article, talking only about their taking Israelis hostage in the Chabad House in Mumbai and nothing about the hundred people killed so far. (The autotranslation said "According to Indian media reported four gunmen holding hostage in 6 Israelis built the Bad Religion of the Jews" and it repeated the word "Bad" three times, which sounded unusually anti-semitic for that newspaper until I realized that this was how "Chabad" was being translated from Arabic to English.)

Is it that Muslims killing a hundred people is simply not too interesting to them? Or does their latent sympathy for terrorism - and hatred of Indian infidels - make them embarrassed to mention it, so they'd rather ignore the story rather than figure out how to report it?


Epaminondas said...

Naturally, they are waiting for confirmation of the connection to zionists via the Chabad house in mumbai

WHICH PS was under attack as of 7 AM

felix said...

Hi Pastorius,
At CNN, they are working overtime at covering the India attacks (which is good), but very pc at saying who carried out the attacks. Occassionally a commentator will say "radical islamic terrorists", but otherwise it's a puzzle re the motives of the attackers.

Pastorius said...

Hi Felix,

It would help the world immensely, in understanding the reality of islam and Jihadism, to know one simple thing:

Pakistan used to be part of India, and now it is a large populous country, which would not have existed, or had to exist, if Muslims could get along with other people.