Thursday, November 27, 2008


You've watched it all day on teevee. Do you really think Mumbai is isolated to a developing nation? Do you really think it can't happen here? Do you think Beslan can't happen here? Britain & Europe's creeping Sharia can't happen here? See Citizen Warrior's piece below. Think a student can't get into a university and kill 32? A loner won't start shooting up a church until stopped by a lone, armed citizen? If it's that easy for them why don't you believe a trained, armed group can't make it happen here? Malls, churches, schools, courthouses, restaurants, train stations. Do you really believe it won't happen here?

What do you think Jamaat ul Fuqra is doing in New York? Have you even heard of them? Hezbollah in the Carolinas? Islamberg in New York? Think they're getting ready for a kegger?

Why do you sneer when the warnings go up? Why blow them off as so much idle chit chat? Why do you sleepwalk while the threat grows?


Better to be a live alarmist than deaf dumb and dead.

Be Thankful this Thanksgiving for family, friends, and all the blessings you have despite our internal troubles.

And I'll dare say it be thankful for a wildly unpopular president who has helped keep you safe since 9/11 by making wildly unpopular choices, following his gut and pursuing what he thinks is right. That won't be the president we have in 70 days.

If you see something, say something. Stay safe. Stay vigilant. Be ready.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, all singing the same refrain these long 7 years. But it seems no one wants to dance to our tune. So to them and anyone else who stumbles in here and will give us a minute of time to listen to the message with an open mind have a great Thanksgiving.


Damien said...

midnight rider,

I hope someone reads what you wrote, other than the choir.

midnight rider said...


So do I. Though I have my doubts. And I hope the choir continues singing, I have no doubt.

Have a great holiday season, fellow infidel. Wear that moniker proudly!

Pastorius said...

Preach it, MR.

Epaminondas said...

I've decided to heed agent smith and go back into the matrix.

It's so much more reassuring

Pastorius said...

Who knows, maybe you can get a federal bailout.

midnight rider said...

Wait. . . you mean this isn't the Matrix? This is all real? Awww hell. . .

Anonymous said...

I don't have TV. I ditched it 4 years ago because I had time for either it or the internet and it was just no contest. So I don't live on a steady diet of CommieNewsNetwork and CrazyLikeFOX every night. Therefore I can still be shocked to the point of yelling at the TV (at my mother's house, and to the bewilderment of several other family members but they think I'm crazy anyway) when some idiot like Amapour sticks her face in and yammers about the "grievances" of the "Muslim minority" in India. I'm capable of dumbfoundedness when the talking heads run on about how who would ever expect this kind of attack? Who? Walid Phares in "Future Jihad" for one. Most of us, for another.

Furthermore, did anybody else have the cold-sweat impression that this attack had "rehearsal" written all over it?

midnight rider said...


Phares, indeed. And Paul Williams for another. And Spencer. And Bostom. And you and Always on Watch and Pastorius and Epaminondas but, like I said, no one is listening to us.

Don't watch CNN anymore, gave it up when Aaron Brown left. Amanpour's a shit. Doesn't surprise me after that series of specials she did on religious warriors earlier this year.

I didn't get the feeling so much of rehearsal as prelude or opening act. And accompanying dread.

midnight rider said...

When I say prelude I mean now watch/wait for it in other cities in Asia and Europe and here.
Hell, this one hasn't even played itself out yet.

Pastorius said...

I can't believe that fucking Amanpour actually talked about Muslim grievances.

Has anyone ever freaking noticed that Muslims have grievances everywhere in the freaking world.

There's nowhere where they are happy.

Think about this, Mecca is the center of Islam, but Muslims are mad about Mecca too. They hate the Saudis because they don't run Mecca right.

And, if you dig into it, you will find there are mysterious fires and stampedes and thousands of unexplained deaths almost every year at the Hajj.

When Muslims don't have Infidels to kill, they kill each other. They are a permanently agrieved class of human being.

There is no reason, ever, to take any of their grivances seriously.

And, even if you feel like doing so, consider this, few people took the justified grivances of the Jews seriously, and look what they've been able to do for themselves.

You don't hear agrieved Indians, or Viet Namese, or Filipinos, or any other people. They are not permanently agrieved.

Screw the Muslims and their grievances. It's crap.

Amanpour is the Whore of Babylon.

midnight rider said...

Actually, I think she's the Whore of Iran.

They actively go out and look for something to grieve about. They just keep chipping away at any and everything that smells like freedom. They keep us turning our heads reporting on footbaths needed and minarets needed and FBI sensitivity training needed meanwhile Jamaat al Fuqra, Islamberg under the radar and then -- pow! Bali -- pow!-- Mumbai -- pow! New York? Boston? D.C.? Mainstreet small town America?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone in law enforcement/national security keeping 24/7 surveilance on Jamaat, Islamberg and the rest just in case the compounds all empty out except for women and kids some dark night? Or do the Fibbies view that as not in keeping with their "sensitivity" training?

midnight rider said...

Revere --

The most work I've seen on Islamberg was by Doug Hagmann and crew at Northeast Intelligence Network. If you haven't already pop over there and search Islamberg, Jamaat and Sheikh Gilani.

Reports of gunfire, a school bus used for target practice of some sort and a general hostility to anyone who happens by.

There are similar camps in Virginia and the Carolinas from what I've heard and read. Whether the Feds, intelligence, cops etc are watching them or not I don't know. Hagmann and crew do as best they can. And for their work have received threats and, if memory serves me, a fatwa.

Some consider NEIN alarmist. But like I said better a live alarmist than. . .

To me he's doing the work the media and cops should be doing. A patriot who, I believe, has his countrymen's safety first and foremost at heart. He's not afraid to get the message out.