Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Americans WANT Shari'a

This just in from the United American Committee:

"Our billboard 'Sharia Law Threatens America' hit the TV news this evening first in Toledo on ABC after members of the local Islamic population began complaining.

"It appears there just may be some in the surrounding communities who support Sharia."


Damien said...

Citizen Warrior,

This doesn't surprise me. I just hope that either their complaints fall on death ears, or enough Americans know enough about Sharia, to stop them from taking the sign down.

Citizen Warrior said...

If nothing else, at least thousands of commuters will now have at least heard of "Sharia."

I think it is a great thing. Of course Muslims will reject it and be "offended" by it. That's what they do. But what a great way to get publicity and increase conversation about this important topic.

Pastorius said...

Of course, the problem could be that Muslims will figure out how to make Sharia sound like soft fluffy bunnies.

But, I think you are right, WC. Initially, any Muslim attempt to explain Sharia, in any detail, will be disastrous for Muslims.

Pastorius said...

One problem they would encounter in trying to explain it is they will have to take all the truly offensive aspects out, and if they do so, then they will be left with something which is not much different than the Judeo-Christian law code.


What do you know?

Damien said...

Citizen Warrior,

Someone should asked the woman in the video if she would find a sign that said "Biblical Law Threatens America" offensive. If she says no, then we should insist she tells us why. Point out that both biblical are based on religion and if she is to insistent that one is offensive and not the other try to get her to tell us why. If she is an Islam-o-Fascist, we maybe able to trick her into admitting that she has no respect for religions other than Islam.

Citizen Warrior said...

Damien, that's a good question!

Citizen Warrior said...

WC - that's my take too. Really a win for the kafirs any way it goes.

I think the idea is brilliant. I've written to the UAC and suggested they add links to articles right underneath the video they have on their home page. It's a video of Wafa Sultan, which is good, but there is nothing else about Shari'a, and there is, of course, much more that could be said.

They said the links I gave them were great, and they will probably do something like that.

I gave them these three links:

a simple definition of Sharia

The Muslim Brotherhood "Project"

The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network